Fall 2015 3 Minute Thesis (3MT)

First developed by the University of Queensland in 2008, the Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT®) challenges research students to communicate the significance of their projects to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes.

Following a successful launch in 2013, the U21 3MT competition will pits the leading presenters from each U21 member university against one another. Each participating member will hold their own internal 3MT competition to select a local winner who will then be put forward for the U21 final, to be judged by an international panel consisting of industry and academic professionals. The U21 competition brings together the very best of the best doctoral students from around the globe in one virtual encounter.

3MT® provides doctoral students with the opportunity to develop their communication skills by explaining their research to an intelligent but non-specialist audience. The local competitions will challenge the students to present face-to-face, and additionally the virtual final will hone skills associated from being filmed for an international audience, receiving international peer review, and gaining skills surrounding the presentation of their research to a wider audience.

UConn Fall 2015 3MT Winners

First Place
Sarah Vitale – 3rd  Year
Using Dissolved Oxygen in Groundwater Wells to Interpret Contaminant Migration
Center for Integrative Geosciences

2nd Place
Reihaneh Mohammadi – 4th Year
Cartilage-mimicking, High-density Polymer Brushes by Growing From “Bottom-Up”

3rd Place
Nicholas Legendre- 5th Year
Of Mice and Muscle
Molecular and Cell Biology

Other Uconn Fall 3MT Contestants

Pouya Tavousi – 5th Year
Developing Mechanics Frameworks for Analysis and Design of Nano-Machinery
Mechanical Engineering

Ting Jiang – 5th Year
Development and Applications of Magnetically Recyclable Mesoporous Iron Oxide Supported Catalysts
Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering

Chaoran Wang – 4th Year
Stable Isotopic Alteration of Organic Biomarkers during Simulated Diagenesis

Allison Horrocks – 7th year
Ambassador with Cookbooks: The History Race Politics of Home Economics

Katrina Velle – 3rd Year
Putting itself on a Pedestal: How E. coli Causes Disease
Molecular and Cell Biology

Sarah McAnulty – 3rd Year
How do Bobtail Squid choose their Glowing Bacterial Partners?
Molecular and Cell Biology

Chenwen Hong – 7th Year
Women Soldiers’ War Memoirs
Literature, Cultures, and Languages

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