Professor Hertel: Recipient of 2015 Edward C. Marth Mentorship Award

Edward C. Marth Mentorship Award is given each year to a member of University of Connecticut Graduate Faculty in recognition of outstanding mentoring of graduate students over the past 10 years.  Established by The UConn AAUP, the Marth Award was founded to recognize the leadership and dedication of Edward Marth, former Executive Director of the UConn AAUP Chapter, as well as to encourage and reward outstanding mentoring of graduate students by UConn Graduate Faculty members.  This year a record number of nominations were received for the award.

Faculty and staff colleagues, Graduate students, and family members gathered in the Great Hall of the Alumni Center at UConn for a reception and champagne toast as Kent Holsinger, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of The Graduate School presented the award.  Provost Mun Choi opened the evening with words of congratulations making special mention that this award recognizes the importance of the successful relationship between an advisor and graduate student as the foundation for the intellectual and professional growth of graduate students and the advancement of knowledge.

Dr. Holsinger remarked that “Recipients of the Edward C. Marth Mentorship Award are UConn Graduate Faculty members who have extraordinary records of excellence and effectiveness in activities such as facilitating smooth transitions for both entering and exiting graduate students; showing sensitivity to students’ academic, personal, and professional goals and needs; being accessible to students; playing an active role in coaching graduate students through the graduate school experience and connecting them to appropriate intellectual and professional networks; and, guiding graduate students toward intellectual and professional independence. The committee considered a record number of nominations this year and faced a very difficult task in selecting only one winner. All of the nominees presented evidence of outstanding mentorship in many ways, but in the end, Shereen’s nomination was the most compelling. Shereen exemplifies the caring, thoughtful approach to mentorship that the Marth Award is meant to honor, and it gives me great pleasure to present her with this plaque to commemorate this honor.”

Dr. Hertel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Connecticut, jointly appointed with the Human Rights Institute at UConn. Her research focuses on changes in transnational human rights advocacy, with a focus on labor and economic rights issues. She has served as a consultant to foundations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and United Nations agencies in the United States, Latin America and South Asia and conducted fieldwork in factory zones along the US-Mexico border, in Bangladesh’s garment manufacturing export sector, among NGO networks in India, and in the multilateral trade arena.

If you are more interested in Dr. Hertel’s research, you can view additional information about here.