Grad ListServ Moved to Soapbox!

As many of you are aware, The Graduate School has moved its announcement system from ListServ (GRAD_ANNOUNCEMENTS-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU) to a new digest-like Soapbox platform. This platform will allow more streamlined way for your announcements to be shared with other graduate students.  This is to help decrease the number emails of you will receive each day in addition to it being an overall more efficient and intuitive submission system.


Here is a brief overview of how to use Soapbox:

From the landing page on click “Submit Announcement” , choose “Announcements for UConn Graduate Students”, and select which issue, or date, you would like your announcement to published.  It will ask for you to sign in with your NetID and password to officially log in. It is important to note that all submissions must be placed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the issue’s publication. After you have selected an issue, fill out the necessary information for your submission. All submission’s must have a title, and either a link to another page or a description for the announcement. A name and way of contact must also be supplied. Once complete, you can preview the announcement, and determine whether or not to submit the article or go back and make edits. If the announcement is approved, it will be placed into a category of the Digest.  Please add that to the end of your announcement which category you would like it to be in from the list below. It can be removed during the review process and will make organization much easier.  As Soapbox is tied to your NetID you can always go back and make edits to an announcement,  but it will need to be resubmitted and approved each time.


The categories for the Digest are:

  • University Policy and Emergency Information
  • Graduate School Important Dates & Deadlines
  • Academic and Scholarly Events
  • Class and Course Information
  • Research, Funding and Awards
  • Technology and Computing
  • Individualized Planning for Career Engagement and Professional Development (ICP)
  • Social/Special Events and Receptions
  • Arts and Culture
  • Health and Wellness
  • Family and “Non-Traditional” Graduate Student Events
  • Especially for International Students
  • Graduate Student Senate Announcements
  • GA Announcements
  • Cultural Center Announcements
  • UConn Job Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
When submitting announcements please follow the format of the example below. Add your preferred category in asterisks above the body of your email. (And don’t worry, we will make sure to take it out before it is published).

**Academic And Scholarly Events**
Tomorrow, the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life is hosting a faculty colloquium. Dr. Yonatan Adler is directing the excavation of a 2,000-year-old limestone workshop located in a cave in the Galilee region of Israel. This workshop served as a stone vessel factory during the period of the Second Temple and perhaps later. Dr. Adler’s presentation will be a conversation with Professor Stuart S. Miller, the Center’s Academic Director who has written extensively on this topic. The event will begin at 12:30PM, in room 304B of the Student Union. A free kosher lunch will be provided!
When submitting announcements that are only links please provide the category after the link. **Research, Funding and Awards**

We hope that this new service will help make navigating through your daily email easier in addition to submitting any announcements in the future.