Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant

Anne Kohler awarded NSF Cultural Anthropology Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant

Anne Kohler, PhD Candidate in the UConn department of anthropology, has been awarded a highly competitive National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Grant. Kohler’s doctoral research study, which is anchored in the Down Syndrome Program of a major hospital in the Northeastern U.S., explores the moral lives of people with Down Syndrome, with an emphasis on their experiences of health, clinical encounters, and care. In addition to her own NSF-funded ethnographic research, Kohler will also collaborate with researchers at Harvard Medical School and Simpson College to design and implement a national survey of Down Syndrome, health inequities, and healthcare access. Upon completion of her doctoral program, Anne plans to continue research that aims to address and remediate the health and social inequities faced by those with intellectual disabilities, with a focus on foregrounding their own ideas and experiences as a way to build inclusive health and social policy.