University Resources for Graduate and Postdoctoral Advocacy

Many university resources are available to assist graduate students and postdoctoral scholars toward successfully addressing road bumps that can be presented along the path of scholarly preparation. However, understanding how to access the available community of supports can also present another challenge. Resources are presented below with regard answering common inquires related to “I need help with…”.

I Need Help With…
Conflict Management
  • Ombuds
  • The Graduate School
Disability Accommodations
  • Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Human Resources
  • Campus Police
Discrimination and Harassment
  • Office of Diversity and Equity
  • Community Standards
Personal Wellness
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Employee Assistance Program
Code of Conduct
  • Community Standards
  • Office of Diversity and Equity
Academic Program Milestones
  • The Graduate School
I’m not sure?
  • Ombuds
  • The Graduate School


University Offices Providing Assistance Graduate Student Postdoctoral Scholar
Campus Safety

  • Offers a fully functional police agency charged with the protection of lives and property at the University of Connecticut and all adjacent areas.
  • Primary Topics: safety alerts, education and crime prevention programming, victim services
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Center for Students with Disabilities

  • Works with students who have documented disabilities on accommodations that allow equal access in educational endeavors.
  • Primary topics: disability accommodations
Community Standards

  • Provides a fair and equitable process in resolving behavioral complaints.
  • Primary topics: violations of behavioral conduct rules, discrimination and harassment
Counseling and Mental Health Services

  • Access to a mental health professionals to provide a supportive atmosphere to aid self-understanding and the resolution of personal concerns.
  • Primary topics: personal mental health
Employee Assistance Program

  • Offers a confidential assessment, brief counseling and referral service available to all employees.
  • Primary topics: personal problems affecting job performance.
The Graduate School

  • Direct assistance with understanding rights related to maintaining academic status, and coordinates hearings related to scholarly misconduct and academic complaints.
  • Primary topics: academic program milestones, scholarly misconduct, general complaints, connecting to other resources
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Office of Diversity and Equity

  • Resources related to compliance with the University’s non-discrimination policies and also state and federal laws and regulations related to equal opportunity and affirmative action.
  • Primary topics: discrimination and harassment, sexual violence, disability, violation of university conduct rules
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  • Confidential, neutral resource to express concerns, identify options to address workplace conflicts, facilitate productive communication, and surface responsible concerns regarding university policies and practices.
  • Primary topics: any
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Veterans Affairs and Military Programs

  • Assistance for those who have served or continue to serve in our Armed Forces in accessing a full range of benefits and services.
  • Primary Topics: veteran and military personnel
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