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Film Theory and History

LCL 5010 - Film Theory and History

Advanced study of world cinema through film history and theory in an interdisciplinary context. Discussion on all national cinemas, for example: French Cinema, German Cinema; and film genres: for example: Film Noir, The Western, Political Film, Documentary, among others.

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LCL 5020 - Digital Humanities, Media Studies, and the Multimodal Scholar

An introduction to digital methods and media theory in the humanities. Research, debate and practice of multimodal forms of scholarship in literary studies.

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LCL 5030 - Methods and Approaches to Second Language Acquisition

Open to graduate students in LCL, others with permission. Approaches to Foreign Language teaching and learning. Focus on the nature of language learning and methods and approaches to teaching.

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LCL 6010 - Fields and Research in Language, Culture and Literature Studies

Open to graduate students in LCL, others with permission. Theory and practice of research methods in the fields of literature, language and culture. (May be repeated for credit).

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LCL 6020 - Advanced Theory for the Study of Literatures, Cultures and Languages

Open to graduate students in LCL, others with permission. Historical interdisciplinary and contemporary theoretical parameters and models in literary, visual and cultural studies at the advanced level.

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LCL 6040 - Interdisciplinary Seminar

Prerequisite: admission to a graduate degree program in LCL, or permission of instructor (undergraduates may be admitted to the course with permission). An interdisciplinary LCL seminar team-taught by at least two faculty with different areas of specialization within LCL. Variable topics, depending on the interests of the faculty. Offered once a year (Fall or Spring) with change of topic. Although the course will taught in English in order to facilitate working across different languages, students will be expected to do research and and/or write seminar papers in the language(s) of their specialization, as appropriate. Candidates for the PhD in Literatures, Cultures and Languages will be required to complete at least one such interdisciplinary seminar before advancing to candidacy.

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