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Adaptive Business Intelligence

Adaptive Business Intelligence (ABI) is a discipline that combines predictions, optimization, and adaptability to create decision support systems in process management. The goal is to answer several fundamental management questions: What is likely to happen in the future? What is the best decision right now? How to adapt to change? The study of these systems is an important area of research in information technology because of their wide range of applications to situations where the number of possible solutions is so large that it precludes a complete search for the best answer, decisions have to be made in a time changing environment, the problems are heavily constrained, and there are many (possibly conflicting) objectives. The goal of the course is to teach the use of techniques from statistics and optimization to implement ABI systems. The course will introduce students to the fundamentals of decision support systems, genetic algorithms, ABI systems, and their applications to diverse management contexts. In addition, students will learn how to use tools such as Excel VBA, Evolutionary Solver, and RExcel (R language for statistical analysis) to develop ABI applications.


Prerequisite OPIM 5604,5641, and 5272

Minimum Credits: 3.00

Maximum Credits: 3.00

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