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Analytical Consulting for Financial Services

Analytical consulting is where business analytics and project management meet. Whether you work as an external consultant or an internal staff member, much of the work you do will involve data analytics and project management skills. This is particularly true in financial services, where there is increasing convergence between operations, marketing and finance in industries such as banking, credit cards, brokerage, insurance, mortgages, etc. Because of the number of customers and the repeat nature of interactions over the customers lifetime, the situation in financial services is different from the typical single encounter service operations. Usually there is a lot of data available for analysis and decision making, and a wide variety of tools and techniques are applicable from deterministic to stochastic modeling, from analytical methods to simulation. This course will expose students to a wide array of real consulting situations in business analytics operations and financial services, and will teach students methods of addressing these problems using spreadsheets, simulation, and optimization methods. While consulting encompasses many specific tasks and requires broad functional knowledge, there is an increased need and appreciation of the usefulness of analytical consulting.


Prerequisite: OPIM 5641 or BADM 5181 (RG 6109)

Minimum Credits: 3.00

Maximum Credits: 3.00

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