Graduate Appreciation Week 2018


What is Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week?

In 1993, three students, Tony Rosati (Georgetown University), Gina Pearson (American University) & Anne Holt  (Florida State University), all activists within NAGPS, wanted to find a way to physically manifest support and appreciation of the contributions, impact and value of graduate students. Their effort led to a cooperative initiative called National Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week.

Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week is celebrated the first week of April each year and will be observed April 3-9, 2017. (Adopted from National Association of Graduate and Professional Students)

Why does UConn participate in this week?

Because we truly do appreciate you! The Graduate School at UConn recognizes the hard work, dedication, long days, and trying times that come along with being a graduate student. We hope to give you an opportunity during this week to step away from your lab, stand up from your desk, or tune out your difficulties and stressors to take time for yourself and allow us to appreciate you through your enjoyment of and participation in the following events.

*Check back after Spring Break for more information regarding the 2018 Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week activities!*

Monday, April 2

Details Coming Soon!

Tuesday, April 3

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Wenesday, April 4

Details Coming Soon!

Thursday, April 5

Details Coming Soon!

Friday, April 6

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Saturday, April 7

Details Coming Soon!

Any Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact Morgan Sutton at The Graduate School.


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