Apply for Graduation

Our students must be in good academic standing and must satisfactorily complete all prerequisites for the degree on or before the last day of the conferral period. Though we hold only one annual graduate Commencement in May, degrees can be conferred three times each year in August, December, and May. For information about attending the Commencement ceremony, please visit

*Students who qualify for degree conferral will receive their diplomas in the mail, normally, within four months following conferral.

The application process runs through the UConn Student Administration System. We will use this information to complete your degree, to mail your diploma to you, and to communicate with you in the future.

  1. Apply for graduation: Follow the instructions in this link: to submit your application for graduation.
  2. Check your name for correct spelling and form: Follow the instructions in this link: to modify your name.
  3. Check your current mailing address: Follow the instructions in this link: to modify your addresses. If you are planning to move following completion of your degree, enter your new address and the date your new address will be effective.
  4. Let us know your post-graduation plans: Follow the instructions in this link: to add a work experience. Enter your employer’s name, country, city, and state, along with your start date and job title. If you do not know all the information, complete as much as possible.

We recommend that you review your records. You should review your transcript to ensure that grades are posted for all courses listed on your plan of study. If any of your grades are missing or reflected as incomplete, you should contact the instructor of the course to resolve the grade.

You should also review your plan of study to ensure that all courses listed on your plan of study accurately correspond to your transcript. If they do not, you will be required to submit a “Request for Changes in Plan of Study” form to The Graduate School.

Please refer to The Graduate School web page that corresponds with the degree/certificate you are planning to complete for information regarding required documentation for a successful audit of your records.