Our students are able to self-enroll for classes through the Student Administration System. After logging in, you can complete registration as well as review other important information (i.e. class schedule, grades, fee bill, financial aid, etc.) See the Student Administration System Help page for instructions on accessing the different components of the system.

Electronic Notification and Enrollment

At The Graduate School, we rely on electronic means to provided registration information to new and continuing graduate students.

If you choose not to use your UConn e-mail address to receive e-mail, please be certain to forward your UConn e-mail to the address that you will be checking regularly. Please visit: and follow the instructions if you wish to forward your mail.

Change of Passwords or Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password, the Student Administration System can reset it for you automatically. Simply click the “NetID Password Reset” link on the Student Administration System login page. Enter your NetID and the system will reset your password and send it to you at your official university e-mail address. If you have any difficulty with this process, contact the UITS Help Desk at (860) 486-HELP (4357).

Times for Enrollment

Students must complete course registration and fee payment by the first day of classes.

Open/self-enrollment runs through the tenth day of the Fall and Spring semesters. Please refer to The Graduate School Academic Calendar for specific dates.

After the tenth day of class, all enrollment revisions require submission of the approved Schedule Revision Request Form to The Graduate School.

Note that many of the regional campus programs may begin registration at a different time. If you are based on a regional campus, please contact your program office for updated registration times.

Consequences of Failure to Register

If you do not register prior to the end of the tenth day of the semester, you will be discontinued by the system. To be reinstated, you will need to complete the Request for Reinstatement Form, obtain your major advisor’s approval signature, and submit the form to The Graduate School. Upon reinstatement, a $65 reinstatement fee will be applied to your fee bill.  Any loans, need-based aid, or graduate assistantship you have been awarded will also be put in jeopardy.

Financial Aid Connection

If you receive any form of financial aid (including a graduate assistantship or need-based aid from the Student Financial Aid Office), please register for as many of your classes as possible – and do so as early as possible. While the Bursar’s Office does not mail fee bills to individual students, early registration allows the relevant offices time to ensure that your financial aid eligibility is in order.

Graduate assistants must be registered for at least 6 credits or they will be billed for their tuition. Students receiving financial aid other than a graduate assistantship must be registered for at least 9 credits to be considered full-time and at least 5 credits to be considered half time. If the Financial Aid Office finds that you are not registered for the appropriate course load, they will not be able to process your aid disbursement.

Auditing a Course

Auditing a course at the graduate level requires permission from both your instructor and your major advisor. The audited class cannot be placed on your plan of study. Please complete The Graduate School Course Audit Request Form and submit to The Graduate School by the ninth week of the semester.  Refer to The Graduate School Academic Calendar for specific dates.  After this time, a course cannot be converted to a grade of AU.

Continuous Registration

Master’s, doctoral, sixth year in education, graduate certificate, post-baccalaureate students must maintain registration continuously each semester (except summer/winter sessions) until they have completed all requirements for the degree. Students may maintain registration by either taking coursework for credit or by registering for one of the five non-credit Continuing Registration courses. These include Special Readings at the certificate (GRAD 5997), master’s (GRAD 5998), or doctoral (GRAD 6998) level, Master’s Thesis Preparation (GRAD 5999), and Doctoral Dissertation Preparation (GRAD 6999). Other zero-credit courses may be substituted, if appropriate.

Please note zero-credit courses do not keep financial aid loans in deferment status.

If you have further questions, please email us at