NextGenCT Scholars Award

Pending budgetary approval, The Graduate School awards a limited number of NextGenCT Scholars Awards to outstanding doctoral students who are being recruited by departments/PIs/faculty members of the University. The NextGenCT scholars program is open to all departments/programs within the University.

The fellowship announcement and deadlines to nominate potential applicants is typically sent through venues such as the Daily Digest and via email to Deans, Directors and/or Department Heads.

NextGenCT Award

The NextGenCT guarantees four (4) years of full academic support, assuming satisfactory progress toward the student’s degree. During the first year, the support will be 100% funded by The Graduate School in the form of a full assistantship for the academic year paired with a summer stipend, bringing the total stipend to approximately $25,000. During the remaining three (3) years, 100% of the award will be funded by the host program or department nominating the student. The host program or department will assign research responsibilities associated with the assistantship for all four (4) years.

NextGenCT Eligibility Requirements

The NextGenCT is designed to help departments/PIs/faculty members recruit outstanding scholars to the University. These awards are made to those students applying to doctoral programs who represent the very best of the year’s entering graduate student class. To be eligible for an award, students must be an applicant for admission to a University’s doctoral program and start the upcoming Fall semester. Current UConn students may be nominated for the NextGenCT award if they are applying for admission to a doctoral program, but they will be given a lower priority for an award than students who are new to the University.

NextGenCT Application Deadlines

The NextGenCT Scholars Program has been suspended for the current academic year.

Nomination Procedures for NextGenCT Scholars

To nominate a student, graduate faculty and/or their designee must upload a cover sheet, copy of the nominating student’s transcript, GRE scores, personal statement, and letter of recommendation(s) in the Hobsons’ ApplyYourself system by the deadline date. If more than one student is nominated by a department/program, we will ask the Director of Graduate Studies for that program to rank the nominees. This ranking should be listed on a separate sheet of paper and uploaded into the Hobsons’ ApplyYourself system by the deadline date.

Departments/programs may at their own option decide to coordinate nominations through their Director of Graduate Studies.

NextGenCT Award Notification and Administration

The Graduate School will notify the graduate faculty and/or their designee. It is up to the graduate faculty and/or their designee to notify the candidate. Because these scholarships are so competitive and timing is so important, it is crucial that the candidates make a decision regarding acceptance of this fellowship in a timely manner (secure a decision from your candidates as soon as possible).

Previous NextGenCT Scholar Recipients

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