3MT Three Minute Thesis Competition

Anand Headshot

It is with great pleasure that The Graduate School can now announce this year’s three-minute-thesis winners. If you haven’t heard about the competition before, it is a two-stage competition where doctoral students present their research in an impactful and condensed three-minute version. The presentation of UConn’s winner is then submitted to the global competition, competing against universities from around the globe. This year’s UConn winner was Koyel Sen from Pharmaceutical Sciences with her presentation on custom-built dosages of drugs in pill form using 3D printing techniques. In response to winning the competition, Koyel said that: “Although I have always been passionate about my work, I am not very good at public speaking and I have always felt this gap to convey the message of what I am exactly doing in my research i.e. ‘3D printing of solid dosage form’ and how it can impact our society. The 3MT competition pushed me to explore this gap where I got to be more creative, to convey the message of my research to a non-specialist audience in 180 seconds.” Honorable mentions were also awarded to Anna Sjodin from Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Byung Jun from Materials Science Engineering, and Anand Gupta from Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Next steps

More information to come in the future.