International Students

UConn welcomes international students! From the moment you arrive, we trust that you will find the friends, faculty, services and support needed to make yours an excellent Husky experience. The International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS) is the hub of information for your time at UConn. Please visit their site for more information on New Student Orientation, traveling to the US, and adjusting to life in Storrs.


International Students Are Vital To U.S. Higher Education

By Stuart Anderson – from the NAFSA news portal


“….International students are crucial to enhancing the ability of U.S. universities to conduct research, recruit and retain teaching talent, and offer high-quality academic programs to U.S. students. International students may make it possible for many universities to offer academic programs in technical fields that otherwise would be of lower caliber or would be unable to attract top-flight faculty without international students.…. when U.S. employers venture onto college campuses today, they will find that a high percentage of the graduate students in science and engineering are international students. Foreign nationals account for 71 percent of the full-time graduate students in electrical engineering, 65 percent in computer science, 61 percent in industrial engineering, and more than 50 percent in economics, chemical engineering, materials engineering, and mechanical engineering in 2011. In comparison, in 1982, foreign nationals accounted for 44 percent of the full-time graduate students in electrical engineering and 35 percent in computer science…”