Students with Families

The Graduate School at UConn fully understands the important role that family plays in the graduate student experience. We recognize family members as part of the overall support unit for students, and part of the team that encourages personal and professional success. We employ a graduate student in the position of Family Fellow to help create resources for families and create opportunities for social interaction. The goals for the Family Fellows program is to:

  1. Help to develop community and connections among our students who are here with families,
  2. Create methods of communications to the families of students
  3. Build a bridge so that we can more effectively identify and support families of our students.

We encourage you to like us on Facebook and check out these family friendly sites to learn more about Local community resources. We maintain a web site of family friendly information, host a Facebook group for families, distribute a brief newsletter on timely topic and provide a few family friendly programs each semester.

In addition, UConn has a both a work/life oversight committee and a newly established committee on pregnant and parenting students that assembles staff and students to address ongoing program and policy decisions regarding issues of interest to our students with families. The goal is to help determine priorities and to develop information and advocacy resources across the campus.