UConn Policies

For All Graduate Students

The Office of Institutional Equity (formerly the Office of Diversity and Equity) is UConn’s agency tasked to deal with harassment, discrimination, and equal opportunity violations. Pregnancy or relationship status would qualify as protected classifications. See their website for information on applicable state laws and procedures at UConn: http://equity.uconn.edu/

UConn Title IX policies and resources on sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking http://titleix.uconn.edu/

National Women’s Law Center discussing the specific ramifications of pregnancy and parenting Title IX rights for students: https://nwlc.org/resources/pregnant-and-parenting-students-rights-faqs-college-and-graduate-students/

The Graduate School allows students to take up to twelve months off from their program for reasons including family leave. Graduate Catalog’s family leave policy and procedure: http://gradcatalog.uconn.edu/grad-school-info/policy-on-leave-of-absence-from-graduate-studies/

UConn lactation policies, lactation room locations http://policy.uconn.edu/2016/12/21/lactation-policy/

This applies to classroom/lab time for graduate students in their student role, and to workplace conditions for Graduate Assistants. Requests for help arranging lactation accommodations can be made with Student Health Services (for student roles) or Human Resources (for GA roles), though both places as well as the Women’s Center can help you figure it out no matter who you contact first

UConn’s official child in the workplace policy, which applies to grads in both their student and GA roles http://policy.uconn.edu/2015/04/20/children-in-the-workplace/

For Graduate Assistants

Leave policies and process for arranging time off from work, including maternity and non-birth parent/adoption leave: www.hr.uconn.edu/ga-leave-administration/


GEU-UAW grievance procedure for violations of contract or workplace conditions http://uconngradunion.org/geu-uaw-collective-bargaining-agreement/article-25-grievance-and-arbitration/