Outstanding Scholars Program (OSP)

Outstanding Scholars Fellowship Program

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the Outstanding Scholars Program (OSP) Fellowships competition for the academic year.  The primary goal of the OSP Fellowship is to recruit and enhance the most academically qualified and promising students entering UConn who are applying to doctoral programs.  OSP recipients will represent the very best of the entering graduate student class applying to doctoral programs.  

Fellowship Package Components

The OSP consists of an annual service-free fellowship; equivalent to a half-time graduate assistantship during the academic year and $2,000 in summer support, guaranteed for three (3) years.  During all three (3) years of the fellowship, The Graduate School will fund 100% of the service-free fellowship. The graduate program provides a half-time graduate assistantship as a match to the OSP Fellowship and will provide the teaching or research duties associated with the graduate assistantship. Continuing support is contingent on satisfactory progress toward the PhD.  

In addition to these remunerative considerations, The Graduate School considers receipt of an OSP Fellowship Award to be a highly significant accomplishment. We intend to bestow selected other “fringe benefits” befitting this honor. An annual reception will be held by the Dean, and their accomplishments and honors will be publicized statewide, when appropriate. Moreover, other professional and fellowship opportunities will be made available to them as we find them. In short, we plan to do whatever we can to assure the highest scholastic and professional achievement for these individuals.

For the current academic year listing of tuition and fees cost for graduate students.

For the current academic year stipend listing.

Fellowship Eligibility Requirements

The OSP is intended as a recruiting award to help UConn attract promising students entering doctoral programs. Thus, current UConn students applying for admission to a program generally receive lower priority than students receiving their degree from other institutions.  

Fellowship Selection Criteria

The academic quality of the candidate and the nominating program serve as the primary criteria, with graduate faculty providing the recommendation for applicants who intend to commence graduate study in the subsequent fall semester.

Fellowship Priorities

The Graduate School attempts to balance academic excellence with distribution of candidates among fields of study.

Nomination Procedures for the OSP

To nominate a student, graduate faculty and/or their designee must submit an on-line application cover sheet to The Graduate School and mark application materials in Hobsons’ ApplyYourself.   

Application Materials

The nominated student’s UConn application needs to be marked with the OSP group in Hobsons’ ApplyYourself.    

If more than one student is nominated by a department/program, we ask the Director of Graduate Studies for that program to rank the nominees. This ranking should be emailed to Martha Marroni (martha.marroni@uconn.edu) by the deadline.

Fellowship Application Deadlines

For the academic year, there will be one deadline.  Submissions must be received by January 27 for awards that will be announced by February 10.  

Fellowship Award Notification and Administration

The Graduate School will notify the graduate faculty and/or their designee. It is up to the graduate faculty and/or their designee to notify the awarded candidate. Because these scholarships are so competitive and timing is so important, it is crucial that the candidates make a decision regarding acceptance of the fellowship in a timely manner (secure a decision from your candidates as soon as possible).