For current students at the university:

A graduate student who starts at the University in an out-of-state billing status, who changes their permanent residence to Connecticut and is seeking in-state billing status, must complete the Application for In-State Tuition. Once you’ve completed and submitted the application (including all mandatory documents) to, you will be contacted by a staff member from The Graduate School.

Application Due Dates:

All materials must be received by The Graduate School in either e-mail or physical form by the following dates:

  • Summer/Fall Semester: July 1
  • Winter/Spring Semester: December 1

Please note: If your residency began after the due dates above but prior to the start of the semester you wish to apply for, you are still able to apply prior to the application deadline.

If you encounter any issues with your residency classification as a current student at the university, please contact


For incoming students who have not yet begun classes at the university:

All prospective students must verify their residency as part of their application to the University of Connecticut for tuition-based programs (fee-based programs will not ask for this verification).

If you have questions about whether your program is tuition or fee-based, please visit your program’s website or contact our Bursar’s office.

If you encounter any issues with your residency classification prior to your start date at the university, please contact


New England Regional Status:

Please visit the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) website for more information regarding qualifications for New England Regional programs that are offered at the University of Connecticut. Students who move to New England after matriculation and are in a qualifying degree program need to contact to learn about the application process to request a residency status change and NE Regional billing status.


Eligibility for In-State status is made in accordance with State of Connecticut statutes, section 10a-29 and section 10a-30.