Financing Resources for Graduate Students

Learn more about the different resources available for funding your graduate student experience. This page can connect you with answers for the questions you may have surrounding graduate assistantships, financial aid, fellowships, and awards.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are paid opportunities to train individual skills, support research and teaching, and gain tuition assistance. Below are some common resources for graduate assistants

GA Trainings

Graduate Employee Union (GEU)

Graduate Assistantship Overview

Graduate Assistant Onboarding

GA Health Insurance Information - contact

General Questions – contact Megan Petsa (

    Graduate Financial Aid/Resources

    Below are some resources to support a graduate education, as well as short-term financial support for students experiencing a challenging time. 

    Information on Tuition and Fees

    Graduate Financial Aid

    Graduate Short-term Loan Fund

    External Funding

    Application for In-State Tuition (change of residency).pdf

    Student First Fund

    Fellowships and Awards

    The following resources are financial awards that can be provided to students. Most require an application process to receive awards but come with no loans attached.

    Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

    Conference Participation Award

    Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships

    Policy on Non-Federal Fellowship Awards

    Policy on Competitive Federal Graduate Awards

    Graduate Funding Opportunities (from Johns Hopkins)

    Residency Status

    A graduate student who starts at the University in an out-of-state billing status who changes their permanent residence to Connecticut and is seeking in-state billing status must complete the Application for In-State Tuition. Once you’ve completed and submitted the application (including all mandatory documents) to, you will be contacted by a staff member from The Graduate School. Please visit this page for more information.