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These faculty and staff resource pages are here for you as you guide your students through their graduate school journey. We have assembled extensive resources about managing your graduate program, admitting and advising students, and building your personal toolkit to effectively support and advise grads.

The Graduate School is always looking to provide more resources and support to departments and faculty. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to megan.petsa@uconn.edu.

Advising and Mentoring: Supporting Your Graduate Students

The guidance that you offer through mentorship and advising can be transformative and is a critical factor in our graduate students’ academic success and well-being. This topic provides you with resources that will help you provide the best support to your graduate students.

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Managing Your Graduate Program

At The Graduate School, we understand that a graduate program consists of many moving parts. We have compiled a broad range of resources that will prove useful for the administration of your graduate program as you assist your students from application to graduation and everything in between.

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Training and Professional Opportunities

As a faculty or staff member of UConn, you care about the acquisition of knowledge. You inspire minds, make discoveries, and mold the future of our bright scholars. In this topic, we have identified the opportunities available to you on campus to self-reflect, expand your own knowledge, and refine your personal skill set.

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Graduate Assistantships

To help programs effectively manage and support their graduate assistants, we have created a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of assistantships, from determining eligibility to be a GA through completing their program and termination of GA employment. 

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Admissions and Recruitment

Much of the research/scholarship done at R1 institutions wouldn’t be possible without excellent graduate students, and it all starts with recruitment and admissions. This topic will give all the information you need to successfully admit new students into your graduate program, including the process for fellowships offered by The Graduate School.

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Graduate Faculty Council and Executive Committee

The Graduate Faculty Council is the legislative body of The Graduate School. It establishes academic policy for graduate education, with the exception of those areas reserved to the Board of Trustees, to the University Senate, or to the faculties of other colleges and schools.  

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