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Graduate Assistantships

An assistantship is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching (teaching assistantship: TA) or research (research assistantship: RA) support to the University that is a part of their academic program. In recognition of this support, the tuition and a portion of health care (but not fees) are provided through the University. Effort devoted to the duties of a graduate assistantship typically range between 10 and 20 hours per week (also sometimes called a "half GA" and "full GA" respectively).

By agreement with the union, The Graduate School maintains a space for open assistantship positions to be advertised. The current list of available assistantships and other employment opportunities can be found here. Departments who wish to post an opening should contact with the job description and fill-by date. Open positions can also be advertised through Soapbox, which is the grad-only version of the Daily Digest.

Resources by GA Lifecycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Hire

This page discusses the eligibility criteria a graduate student must meet in order to be a Graduate Assistant; the units responsible for the administration of assistantships; and additional logistics, such as the submission of proof of English proficiency, involved in hiring international GAs. Learn More.

Creating the Offer Letter

This page discusses GA appointment dates, including late hires; the GA offer letter templates; how to determine the GA’s stipend level/rate; and resources and deadlines related to adding the GA to graduate payroll. Learn More.

Transitioning to a GA/Getting Started

This page summarizes the onboarding process for a GA, including required employee trainings; GA registration deadlines and tuition waivers; payroll deduction and benefits; when/how to update Social Security Numbers; and tuition waivers. Learn More.

While They’re Here

This page discusses supplemental employment and Special Payroll for GAs; the criteria and process for stipend level increases; and academic and GA leave. Learn More.

Completing and Finishing

This page summarizes the process for a GA to end their employment, including implications of terminating the assistantship mid-appointment. Learn More.

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