Short-term Loans

Short-Term Loans for Graduate Students

GSS Short-Term Emergency Loans

This fund is administered by the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and funded by graduate student activities fees. It provides loans to assist graduate students dealing with financial emergencies. Loans are issued for 60-day periods and are interest free. Applications are available in the Graduate Student Senate Office, Student Union Room 213 and on the GSS website, along with eligibility criteria.

Students First Fund

The Students First Fund, established by the Division of Student Affairs and administered by the Dean of Students Office, is available to degree-seeking students to request help after unforeseen misfortunes have occurred (e.g., fire, accident, illness). Funds may be used to pay expenses; to provide a student with assistance during a time of need (e.g. books; clothing; food) and/or other reasonable and typical expenses as would be appropriate in times of loss. Students may apply for assistance through the Dean of Students website.