Graduate Student Orientation

We are delighted that you have chosen to continue your professional preparation by enrolling in a graduate program at UConn! As you get started, we want to support your transition to graduate school by providing a multifaceted virtual orientation experience designed to help your academic, personal, and professional success.

Online Orientation

All new graduate students for Fall 2022 are encouraged to complete our online orientation experience, which will launch late July 2022. It provides important information about academic and everyday life at UConn, and is the first step to ensuring your success and getting you connected to our community. Our Fall 2022 online orientation materials include videos and modules designed to help you navigate the various opportunities at UConn in order to gain valuable skills and experiences to enhance your graduate education.

These materials are contained within "The Graduate School Orientation" organization within Newly-matriculated graduate students will be given access within one week of matriculation.

Need Help Accessing Online Orientation?

Step 1. Activate Your NetID

If you have not yet done so, activate your NetID.  Your NetID credentials give you access to many computing services at the University of Connecticut.

Your UConn NetID and Activation Code were emailed to you at the time of admission. You can also visit to find your NetID. Once you activate your NetID and set the password, you will be able to log in to HuskyCT at and the Student Administration System at If you need assistance with your NetID, please contact the ITS Help Center at (860) 486-4357 or by email at

You will need an active NetID and password to login to HuskyCT to access the orientation materials.

Step 2. Access Orientation in HuskyCT

Online orientation is hosted in HuskyCT, UConn's learning management platform. Starting December 2022, you should receive an email confirmation when you access to the Orientation materials in HuskyCT within 7-10 days of your matriculation.

You may access HuskyCT at Log-in using your NetID and password.

Navigate to the Organizations area of HuskyCT. From there, you can open The Graduate Student Orientation.

Step 3. Complete Orientation

Orientation includes several modules. Each module can be accessed in any order through the module navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen.

Once you select a module, you will see an overview of that module's topics, which you can then access in any order you choose. As you review the topics, you may mark them as reviewed for your convenience. A button is included at the bottom of each topic to take you back to the homepage for that module. All videos are closed captioned.

Online Resources

Online Resources

Check out our online resources set up to assist you in getting started at UConn. You will find important information for incoming graduate students, including a check-list to help you get started. If you are also a graduate assistant, you will find links to information regarding important definitions, payroll information, appointment dates and more.

Other Orientations

In addition to Graduate Student Orientation from The Graduate School, other orientations may be applicable to you.

Teaching Assistants

If you are a Teaching Assistant (TA), you are expected to attend CETL's orientation.

TA Orientation

International Teaching Assistants

If you are an international graduate student appointed as a TA and have never taught in the U.S. before, this mandatory orientation will prepare you for your role as a Teaching Assistant.

ITA Orientation

International Students

If you are an international student, you will receive information regarding the orientation from International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

ISSS Orientation

Departmental Orientations

Many departments have their own orientations covering department-specific content. Please check with your program for more details.