Graduate Assistantships Overview

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

An assistantship is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching (teaching assistantship: TA) or research (research assistantship: RA) support to the University that is a part of their academic program. In recognition of this support, tuition is waived by the University and subsidized health insurance is offered. Graduate Assistants (GAs) are responsible for paying their student fees at the negotiated GA rate.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to be a GA?

To be appointed, to retain an appointment, or to be reappointed, a student must hold Regular (not Provisional) status, must maintain a cumulative average of at least B (3.00) in any course work taken, must be eligible to register (i.e., must not have more than three viable grades of Incomplete on his or her academic record), must be enrolled in a graduate degree program scheduled to extend through the entire period of the appointment or reappointment, and must be a full-time student.

In order to perform duties with direct instructional responsibilities, a graduate student appointed as a Teaching Assistant will need to provide proof of English proficiency. UConn’s English Proficiency Policy for TAs and Testing Procedures can be found here along with information about how to provide proof of proficiency.

What is the Appointment Length and Hours Per Week?

Effort devoted to the duties of a graduate assistantship typically range between 10 and 20 hours per week (also sometimes called a “half GA” and “full GA” respectively). Appointments ordinarily are made for the nine-month period, August 23 through May 22, but may be of shorter duration for a variety of reasons.

What Benefits Do GAs Receive?

The Human Resources website has an extensive compilation of information on graduate assistant benefits, payroll, and policies, including detailed information about health insurance benefits. If employed in an assistantship that falls under the Graduate Employee Union (GEU), additional benefits may be described in the GEU contract and on our GA Onboarding page. Please note, GAs employed solely at UConn Health do not fall under the GEU.

What are the Stipend Rates?

Stipend rates for graduate assistants are graduated in terms of progress toward the advanced degree and experience.

  • Level B/I: for graduate assistants with at least the baccalaureate.
  • Level M/II: for experienced graduate assistants in a doctoral program with at least the master’s degree or its equivalent in the field of graduate study. Equivalency consists of thirty graduate level credits beyond the baccalaureate degree, together with admission to a doctoral program.
  • Level P/III: for students with experience as graduate assistants who have at least the master’s degree or its equivalent and who have passed the doctoral general examination.

Specific stipend rates may be found on Payroll’s website and will be included in the GA offer letter.

Are GAs Required to Do Any Additional Trainings?

As part of their employee role, GAs are required to participate in these mandatory trainings. There may be additional trainings or orientations required or recommended depending on the specific GA duties.

Can GAs Hold Additional Employment?

Graduate Assistants seeking on-campus employment in addition to a full-time (20 hour) GA appointment during the semester must complete the online Supplemental Employment Approval form, which requires their advisor’s approval and is submitted to The Graduate School for final approval. International students on UConn-sponsored visas are not able to work above 20 hours per week during the semester.

What Next?

If you have been offered an assistantship, please visit our GA Onboarding page. This webpage will orient GAs employed at Storrs and regional campuses who fall under the Graduate Employees Union (GEU) and provide information, resources, and to-do items specific to your role as a GA to help you successfully transition into your assistantship.

Current Opportunities

Economics Research Assistant

JOB DESCRIPTION: Full-Time (20 h/week) Research Assistant to Prof. Michele Baggio (Economics), Prof. Mark Urban (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Prof. Charles Towe (Agricultural & Resource

We are seeking a full-time Research Assistant for one year. The job will involve close collaboration on an interdisciplinary research project investigating the relationship between weather (temperature, precipitation, and humidity), land use, and the prevalence of Lyme Disease and its implications on a range of socio-economic outcomes.

The successful Research Assistant will be involved in all stages of the research process and are expected to work independently within the scope of their responsibilities. Duties include, but are not limited to

  • Collaborating on research design, conducting data analysis and interpreting results.
  • Assisting with literature reviews as needed in the preparation of manuscripts for publication and
  • Assisting in preparing funding proposals, budgets, and deliverables for various grants.
  • Participating in team meetings and (as needed) take minutes for distribution to the team.

The Research Assistant will interact directly with Prof. Michele Baggio on a regular basis, as well as with Prof. Mark Urban and Prof. Charles Towe.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Strong quantitative background
  • Strong programming skills; knowledge of statistical software such as STATA and/or R.
  • Strong writing skills to allow for drafting of manuscripts based on the analyses.
  • Experience, or background in the area of project is a plus but not required
  • Excellent academic record
  • Prior experience as a research assistant
  • Organization and attention to detail a must.
  • Flexibility and an ability to work with a team are essential.

TO APPLY: Please email Michele Baggio a single PDF document named “Lastname_Firstname” containing the following materials:

  1. A cover letter describing:
    1. Your interest in this position and how you learned about it
    2. The start and end dates during which you would be available to fill this position
    3. Your familiarity with programming languages (e.g. Stata, R, ArcGIS)
    4. Your prior experience as a research assistant and/or with independent research projects (e.g. a thesis or other research project)
    5. A previous experience that involved working in a team environment
    6. Names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of 2-3 references (letters not required)
  2. A current CV
  3. All relevant undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial is fine)
  4. An original research paper (if available)

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The position is available starting in Summer or Fall 2022. Exact start date is flexible.

Teaching Assistant Opportunity – Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

UConn’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is looking for a Teaching Assistant to support student instruction for the Graduate Certificate in College Instruction (GCCI) and programming of CETL events. In addition, there is an opportunity to work on a data collection and marketing project in support of UConn's affiliation with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL).

The work will be conducted under the supervision of the Director of Faculty Outreach and Engagement and the Director of Teaching and Learning Assessment.

The commitment is for an average of 10 hours/week, but actual working times may fluctuate from week to week. Employment will be from Fall 2022 - Fall 2023 with the possibility of renewal.

This is an opportunity for hands-on experience in Teaching and Learning activities and mentorship.


  • Assisting instructor of record with record keeping, including tracking attendance and assignment completion
  • Being engaged and contributing to student engagement during synchronous class sessions (planned in person but may be remote). Depending on interest may be contributing to lesson plans and class facilitation
  • Responding to student questions asynchronously and facilitation of peer discussion in learning management system
  • Providing regular feedback for homework assignments
  • Assisting with special event organization, e.g., by drafting communication related to online resources, sign in of participants, supporting event evaluation data collection and other duties as needed
  • Conducting research to aid in a mapping project to support CIRTL initiatives, Marketing plan research and development

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Commitment to inclusive and equity minded practices
  • Demonstrated interest in teaching and pedagogy
  • Strong communicator and confident writer
  • Organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable facilitating groups in Webex
  • Familiarity with Husky CT course functions, such as assignment creation and grading, discussion board management and creating of accessible content.
  • Ability to work autonomously

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Content knowledge in foundational pedagogy preferred
  • Teaching experience preferred, especially with student centered instruction formats


TO APPLY: Please email Aynsley Diamond with the subject line CETL GA Position and attach the following materials:

  1. A cover letter describing:
    1. Your interest in this position and how you learned about it
    2. The start and end dates during which you would be available to fill this position
    3. Your familiarity with HuskyCT
    4. Your prior teaching experiences
    5. Your interest in researching educational systems and professional networks
    6. Your ability to work autonomously and as a part of a team
  2. A current CV
  3. Names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of 2-3 references (letters not required)


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The position is available starting in Fall 2022.