Graduate Assistantships Overview

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

An assistantship is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching (teaching assistantship: TA) or research (research assistantship: RA) support to the University that is a part of their academic program. In recognition of this support, tuition is waived by the University and subsidized health insurance is offered. Graduate Assistants (GAs) are responsible for paying their student fees at the negotiated GA rate.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to be a GA?

To be appointed, to retain an appointment, or to be reappointed, a student must hold Regular (not Provisional) status, must maintain a cumulative average of at least B (3.00) in any course work taken, must be eligible to register (i.e., must not have more than three viable grades of Incomplete on his or her academic record), must be enrolled in a graduate degree program scheduled to extend through the entire period of the appointment or reappointment, and must be a full-time student.

In order to perform duties with direct instructional responsibilities, a graduate student appointed as a Teaching Assistant will need to provide proof of English proficiency. UConn’s English Proficiency Policy for TAs and Testing Procedures can be found here along with information about how to provide proof of proficiency.

What is the Appointment Length and Hours Per Week?

Effort devoted to the duties of a graduate assistantship typically range between 10 and 20 hours per week (also sometimes called a “half GA” and “full GA” respectively). Appointments ordinarily are made for the nine-month period, August 23 through May 22, but may be of shorter duration for a variety of reasons.

What Benefits Do GAs Receive?

The Human Resources website has an extensive compilation of information on graduate assistant benefits, payroll, and policies, including detailed information about health insurance benefits. If employed in an assistantship that falls under the Graduate Employee Union (GEU), additional benefits may be described in the GEU contract and on our GA Onboarding page. Please note, GAs employed solely at UConn Health do not fall under the GEU.

Do GAs Receive a Tuition Waiver?

A graduate assistantship provides the student with a tuition waiver for the duration of the appointment in the fall and spring semesters. There is no tuition waiver for summer or winter intersession courses. GAs are still required to pay student fees. When graduate fee bills are calculated by the Office of the Bursar, the tuition waiver will automatically populate to the GA’s fee bill once two items are in place:  an active payroll authorization input by the hiring department and enrollment for the semester in at least six credits.

What are the Stipend Rates?

Stipend rates for graduate assistants are graduated in terms of progress toward the advanced degree and experience.

  • Level B/I: for graduate assistants with at least the baccalaureate.
  • Level M/II: for experienced graduate assistants in a doctoral program with at least the master’s degree or its equivalent in the field of graduate study. Equivalency consists of thirty graduate level credits beyond the baccalaureate degree, together with admission to a doctoral program.
  • Level P/III: for students with experience as graduate assistants who have at least the master’s degree or its equivalent and who have passed the doctoral general examination.

Specific stipend rates may be found on Payroll’s website and will be included in the GA offer letter.

Are GAs Required to Do Any Additional Trainings?

As part of their employee role, GAs are required to participate in these mandatory trainings. There may be additional trainings or orientations required or recommended depending on the specific GA duties.

Can GAs Hold Additional Employment?

Graduate Assistants seeking on-campus employment in addition to a full-time (20 hour) GA appointment during the semester must complete the online Supplemental Employment Approval form, which requires their advisor’s approval and is submitted to The Graduate School for final approval. International students on UConn-sponsored visas are not able to work above 20 hours per week during the semester.

Job Offer Acceptance Etiquette

When accepting a job offer feel free to ask clarifying questions. If you feel that you are not being given enough time to make your decision, ask if additional time might be granted. Supervisors are encouraged to give candidates up to a week to accept an offer but sometimes this may not be possible. 

Once accepting an offer and if resigning from a different graduate assistant position, it is recommended that you immediately notify the department of your resignation. This is especially important when departments are already counting on you to teach courses or labs. They would rather know immediately and be able to initiate a hiring process to fill open positions, ensuring that course offerings remain available, etc.  

What Next?

If you have accepted an assistantship offer, please visit our GA Onboarding page. This webpage will orient GAs employed at Storrs and regional campuses who fall under the Graduate Employees Union (GEU) and provide information, resources, and to-do items specific to your role as a GA to help you successfully transition into your assistantship.

Current Opportunities

Are you an academic or non-academic department that would like to advertise a GA position here? If so, please send your job description to to be posted. Additional guidance for non-academic units can be found on our Appointing a GA in a Non-Academic Unit page.

2023-24 Writing Center Graduate Assistant – Assistant Director

The University of Connecticut Writing Center

2023-2024 Graduate Assistantship

Assistant Director | Half Assistantship (10 hours/week) | 2023-24 Academic Year

Assistant Directors are involved in all aspects of writing center administration. They serve on an administrative team that includes faculty directors, a program coordinator, and fellow grad student assistant directors. They mentor undergraduate tutors, manage our many partnerships across campus, engage in outreach, and do regular one-on-one tutoring in writing. Successful candidates need to be capable and creative project managers who have a deep commitment to writing across the curriculum and peer tutoring. Strong preference for those with experience in Writing Centers or similar peer learning programs.

For fullest consideration, submit an application by June 5, 2023. To apply, submit materials here:

We welcome any questions at

Fall 2023 UConn Stamford CSD Graduate Assistant – Beyond Access Strategy Instructor

FALL 2023

CSD is currently seeking candidates for a graduate assistantship in our enhanced services program, Beyond Access, at the Stamford regional campus.


The Beyond Access (BA) Strategy Instructor manages a caseload of students enrolled in the BA program. Beyond Access provides an opportunity for students to work smarter, not harder, in a competitive academic environment while also preparing for life after graduation. Students enrolled in BA work closely with a trained Strategy Instructor to achieve academic, social engagement, career development, and other goals. This position is at the Stamford campus.


  1. Manages a caseload of assigned students within the BA program and provides one-on-one strategy instruction to meet students’ established goals.
  2. Present students with individualized learning strategies supporting executive function (e.g., time management, organization), academic skills (e.g., notetaking, test-taking, studying), social engagement, stress management, and other related areas.
  3. Promote student development and self-determination in social, emotional, academic, and daily living realms; encourages and promotes goal setting with students.
  4. Record detailed confidential case notes in CSD’s database.
  5. May assist and support other BA Strategy Instructors, including meeting with their students as needed.
  6. May plan, coordinate and manage BA study halls and social groups based on program participants’ needs. These events are typically on a small scale, and Strategy Instructors may be responsible for securing space, developing themes as necessary and facilitating the groups.
  7. May assist with CSD registration and guide students to connect with campus resources as they relate to procedures for campus change, readmission, and university appeals (e.g., dismissal and academic adjustments).
  8. May assist with operational functions at the CSD as needed: during peak times such as finals week. Tasks may include answering phones; greeting students and visitors to CSD; copying; filing; and other related duties.
  9. May help coordinate approved accommodations as needed during peak times like finals week. Tasks may include exam administration; proctoring exams; scribing or reading an exam; hiring note-takers and other related duties.
  10. Assists with supporting special projects which may be ongoing and require planning, coordination, and supervision.


  • Must currently be pursuing a master’s degree in special education, psychology, education, or another related field.


  • Experience working with students in K-12 and/or higher education.
  • Experience working with individuals with disabilities, particularly individuals with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, and psychiatric conditions.
  • Experience identifying and teaching strategies to support learning, social engagement skills, and executive function.


For more information about Beyond Access, please visit our website:

Qualified candidates should email a resume and cover letter to Tim Smagacz, Assistant Director for Operations: