Admissions and Recruitment

Admissions and Recruitment

Much of the research/scholarship done at R1 institutions would be impossible without excellent graduate students. It all starts with recruitment and admissions. This topic will give all the information you need to successfully admit new students into your graduate program, including the process for fellowships offered by The Graduate School.

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Admissions Policies and FAQs

Graduate School Requirements

View The Graduate School’s admission requirements necessary to be accepted into a graduate program at the University of Connecticut, including application deadlines, test scores, education requirements, and more. Please note: refer to a specific program’s website for all admissions requirements for each specific program.

Application Fee Waiver Policy

The Graduate School waives the $75 dollar non-refundable application fee for current graduate students and prospective students associated with several specific organizations and partnerships. For more information, please visit our application fee waivers page.

Applicant FAQ

Find the answers to many frequently asked questions regarding The Graduate School’s application process, test score requirements, transcript requirements, admission decisions and timelines, housing options, and visa document distribution.

Admissions-related Timely Topics

There are admissions-focused Timely Topics offered each semester. The materials from previous sessions, including slides, documentation, and recordings of the presentations, can be found on the Timely Topics page. Topics covered include program application processing in Slate, deadlines, and best practices; reading and reviewing applications in the Slate reader; and holistic and diversity recruitment. 

The Graduate Catalog: Admission

The Graduate Catalog is published annually by the Office of the Registrar. The Graduate School processes applications for all graduate programs, including all graduate degrees and certificates (graduate, post-baccalaureate, and post-master’s/sixth year), with the exception of the Doctor of Pharmacy and programs with degrees conferred by the School of Dental Medicine, School of Law, and School of Medicine. The Graduate School’s admissions policies and requirements can be found in the Admission area of The Graduate Catalog.

Information About Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate School provides detailed guidance on graduate assistantship administration, including information about how and when to make assistantship offers to incoming graduate students. Additionally, The Graduate School has created an optional cover letter to be issued alongside the offer letter for a new, incoming GA to highlight the benefits of an assistantship at UConn.

General Recruitment for Admissions

The Graduate School is reaching out to our colleagues in departments across the University to get a broader picture of approaches to graduate student recruitment. An important part of The Graduate School’s mission is to support recruiting the best and most diverse students from across the United States and the world. We frequently attend an array of recruiting events across the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM that can promote your department’s program. Please email if you’d like to set up a meeting to discuss your department’s recruitment strategy and how The Graduate School can support you.

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Application Portal

Access GradSlate

Below is a list of links to our application system:

Documentation & Presentations

Both our documentation and presentations pages include information on reading and processing applications; recruitment tools (email, events, forms); and the applicant experience. These are available within the GradSlate User Portal.

Further CRM Training

If you have any questions or would like to request 1:1 demos or training on:

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Diversity Recruitment & Fellowships

Recruiting Diverse Students

The Graduate School works closely with departments on recruiting the top applicants from the following organizations. If you are interested in learning more about The Graduate School’s support of department’s diversity recruiting, please contact

Jorgensen, Harriott, and Crandall Fellowship Overview

The Graduate School offers the Jorgensen, Harriott, and Crandall Fellowships for which departments may nominate incoming graduate students. Every year, programs nominate incoming students to be considered for the Jorgensen, Harriott, and Crandall Fellowships based on a variety of criteria, including academic excellence and research interests. The Jorgensen Fellowship (JF) and the Harriott Fellowship (HF) are available to outstanding young scholars who have been admitted to doctoral programs at the University of Connecticut. The Crandall Fellowship (CF) is available to outstanding young scholars who have been admitted to master’s programs at the University. These fellowships are intended to recruit and support the most promising students entering graduate programs at the University of Connecticut. For a detailed description of the fellowship process, please click here.