Steps to Apply to UConn



1. Explore our 120+ programs

Start by exploring our offered Degrees & Programs to determine which program is a good fit for you and your goals:

Degrees & Certificate Programs

This is a big step in your career. You’ll find every UConn program competes well across graduate school rankings, quality of our faculty and research facilities, and graduate student support, both financially and academically.

2. Choose the program that's right for you

After comparing programs, if you still have questions, reach out to faculty and the department through their website.  Now would be a great opportunity to schedule a campus visit with the Lodewick Visitors Center.

RSVP for a campus tour





3. Ready to apply?

Admission Requirements
If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.
Most other questions can be answered by the programs through their individual websites.

4. Apply online

Ready to apply? The online application will walk you through the application process. You can save and return to the application at any time.

Apply for Admission

Three professional schools offer a specialized application process. See their sites for their own steps and admissions requirements: UConn School of Dentistry, UConn School of Law, and UConn School of Medicine.

The Graduate School and UConn School of Business. both use the same application process, but have separate requirements.  If interested in applying to either of these schools, please review their sites.





5. Application decisions announced

Once the program reaches a decision on your application it will be reviewed by The Graduate School.  After that review, you’ll be notified of the admission decision via email.  Each program has a different review period that follows its admission deadline. For questions about decisions and offers of financial support, contact your program directly.

6. Decide and accept

To accept or decline admission, you must login to your application. If you decide to attend UConn, know that we’ll do everything we can to support you throughout your academic career.

Accept or Decline





7. Transition to UConn

Congratulations on joining UConn’s community of talented and enthusiastic students and alumni! Your next steps are all right here—searching for an apartment, and attending the welcome reception and your program’s orientation events:

Transitioning To UConn