Information for New Graduate Students

Welcome, Huskies!

Community. Collaboration. Preparation.

The Graduate School is excited you will be joining our graduate student community of around 7,000 graduate students across the University of Connecticut.  As you get started, we want to support your transition to graduate school by providing a multifaceted orientation experience designed to help your academic, personal, and professional success. See below for the available opportunities.

The worldwide pandemic involving COVID-19 (coronavirus) has produced unprecedented challenges in the UConn community and around the world. The health, safety and well-being of our community is our highest priority and continually guides our preparation, thinking, and actions. We have developed a resource with answers to frequently asked questions which may help as we all chart this uncertain territory. This page includes information pertinent to incoming students.
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Access Orientation

Whether this is your first time as a graduate student at the University of Connecticut or whether you’ve been here for many years, we are looking forward to supporting you on your new academic journey.

All new graduate students are encouraged to participate in our orientation program, as it will provide important information about academic and everyday life at UConn, and is the first step to ensuring your success and getting you connected to our community.

What you need to do

Activate Your NetID and UConn Email

Your UConn NetID and Activation Code were emailed to you at the time of admission. Once you find and activate your NetID and set the password, you will be able to log in to the Student Administration System. If you need assistance with your NetID, please contact the ITS Help Center at (860) 486-4357 or by email at

ITS also offers a Technology Training, which will walk you through available technology tools and how to activate them.

University email is sent to your official UConn email address. We encourage you to use this account. If you do not plan to use the campus email service, it is very important that you forward your University email to your active personal email address.

Complete Your Student Health History Form

You need to complete your mandatory Student Health History Form through your Student Health Portal, and submit the form and any attachments to the Student Health Portal under “Document Upload”. The Student Health History Form must be submitted by July 1 for the Fall semester and January 1 for the Spring semester.

Students in Clinical Training Programs (Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Social Work and Allied Health Sciences) have advanced medical and immunization requirements that will be outlined in your Letter of Acceptance from your individual program. Distance Learners with all courses online or students participating in UCAPP do not need to meet the immunization requirements. It is each student’s responsibility to notify Student Health and Wellness on an annual basis if that is the case. The University of Connecticut requires all incoming students, regardless of age, to complete a Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire, found within your Student Health History Form on your Student Health Portal. For more information regarding your immunization requirements please visit Student Health and Wellness.  Please email with any additional questions.

Complete Required Interpersonal Violence Prevention Training

Graduate students must complete a one-time online interpersonal violence prevention training. A hold is placed on a student’s registration to ensure that you meet this requirement.

Required once during your graduate career.

The University of Connecticut is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our students, staff, and faculty. As part of that commitment, the University now requires that all graduate students complete an online interpersonal violence prevention program titled U Got This 2!, this video-based program provides critical information about Consent, Bystander Intervention, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, Stalking, and more. U Got This 2! will help you better understand how vitally important these issues are to creating a safe environment and to our community expectations, and what you can do to help make your campus safer for everyone.

U Got This 2! is a 40 minute training.  Upon completion, it will take 2-3 days for the hold to lift.  If you have any questions, call The Graduate School at (860) 486-3617 or email


Register for Classes

The Office of the Registrar provides helpful registration information. You can also reference step-by-step guides for Student Admin, including how to add a class, drop a class, and view holds, among others as you manage your class schedule for the semester.

Please note that programs conducted at locations other than Storrs (including the off-campus MBA programs and the Master of Social Work program) may have separate registration practices. Students in online programs should contact the department for registration instructions. All students are encouraged to consult their program and/or advisor for assistance in choosing classes for the coming term.

If you are a graduate assistant, please note that you must be registered for classes prior to the start date of your appointment, which is noted in your graduate assistantship offer letter.

Pay Your Student Fee Bill

Students will receive an email notification from the Office of the Bursar once tuition and fees have been posted to their account. Graduate student fees bills are generated in late July/early August for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. Your bill must be paid by the Friday before the first day of the semester. You can view your fee bill through your Student Center in Student Admin. Payment options, as well as deadlines, student fee information, and the late fee policy, can be found on the Office of Bursar's website. Students who are receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services with any questions about their aid package.

Upload Your Husky One Card Photo

The Husky One Card is your official UConn ID, as well as your way to access a variety of services across the university, including the UConn Library, the Student Recreation Facility, and Husky Bucks. Graduate students can obtain their card from the One Card Office located in the Wilbur Cross Building on the Storrs campus (or at the designated One Card office at your regional campus). Uploading a photo for your ID card in advance can make picking up your card even easier! 

Get Your Parking Permit

Parking Services provides parking information for UConn Storrs, Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury campuses. Learn about the different types of permits available, apply for your permit online, and check out the campus parking maps to see which lots will be most convenient for your schedule. Please be aware that parking regulations are strictly enforced year round.

Graduate students on the UConn Health campus can use the Parking, Transportation and Event Services website to access parking permits and check out campus parking maps.

Complete Technology Training Tutorial

The Student Technology Training is a tutorial to familiarize you with the important technology-related services that you will use frequently as a UConn student. The tutorial is divided into three parts: One – New student to-dos; Two – Before Orientation/Registration; and Three – Before Classes Begin.

What you need to know

Campus-specific Student Resources

The UConnALERT System

UConnALERT is the university’s official emergency alert system and your go-to resource for campus status and scheduling changes. As an incoming student, you will be auto-enrolled into UConnALERT. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date in Student Admin. 

Student Health Insurance

All full-time students are required to maintain health coverage. Full-time students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. If you wish to decline the university plan because you have comparable coverage already, you must waive it via the Health Insurance Waiver in Student Admin.

If you are a graduate assistant, you will have the option to enroll in the Connecticut Partnership Plan. Enrollment will be available after the start date of your appointment (noted in your graduate assistantship offer letter) and you will have 31 days from that date to enroll or waive coverage.

Graduate Assistantships

Visit our Graduate Assistant Onboarding webpage for information specific to GA appointments, including payroll deduction, payroll, benefits, and tuition waivers.

Transportation To and Around Campus

UConn Transportation Services provides a variety of transportation options to students, including a Storrs campus bus line, a shuttle to the UConn Health campus, and accessible van services. The Windham Regional Transit District operates the WRTD bus line, which can be a helpful options for students commuting to Storrs, and UConn Transportation Service’s website has information about bus routes, U-Pass, bicycle share programs, and many alternatives travel methods to reach all UConn campuses.

Housing Options

Find off-campus housing and roommates near your UConn campus. On-campus housing for graduate students enrolled at the Storrs campus is available at Northwood Apartments. 

Courses, Programs, Policies, and Procedures

By accepting admission, you assume responsibility for knowing and complying with the University regulations and procedures. The Graduate Catalog contains information about regulations and procedures, as well as programs and course descriptions. Similarly, the Undergraduate Catalog describes advance undergraduate courses that sometimes can be applied toward a graduate degree. The Graduate School’s website is also an essential resource for information for current students. 

Late Arrival Procedure

A request of late arrival should be made through the Accounts & Forms area of your Application Status page.  We strongly encourage requests for graduate students who have not been appointed as a GA to be made prior to the first day of the semester. Graduate students who have been appointed as a GA must submit their requests prior to the start date of their appointment. These requests must be submitted no later than the 10th day of the semester. Confirmation will be sent to you once The Graduate School processes your request, unless it is a declined deferral request, in which case your program will notify you of this decision.

Who is this form for?

This form is for any graduate student enrolled in an on-campus program or with on-campus GA duties, who will not be able to arrive to campus prior to the first day of the semester (January 18, 2022) but is confident they will arrive by the tenth day of classes (January 31, 2022).

Incoming students who cannot arrive by January 31, 2022 should request a deferral or withdraw their application by accessing the Accounts & Forms area of their Application Status page. Current students who cannot arrive by January 31, 2022 may request an academic leave of absence.

International students must have a visa appointment date prior to the first day of class (January 18, 2022). If a visa appointment date cannot be made until after January 18, 2022, it is recommended that incoming students request a deferral or withdraw their application (in the Accounts & Forms area of their Application Status page). Current students should request an academic leave of absence.

As a reminder, all international students on F/J visas who are admitted for Spring 2022 should submit a Spring 2022 study plan to ISSS. This includes students who plan to arrive for the Spring 2022 semester, as well as students who will defer admission to a later term. Please visit International Student and Scholar Services for additional arrival information.

When should the form be filled out?

Requests should be submitted prior to the first day of the semester (January 18, 2022) or prior to the start date of the GA appointment (January 5, 2022) if they are a GA who will not be in the United States prior to January 18, 2022.

We advise that students do not finalize any travel arrangements until they have received confirmation from The Graduate School that permission for a late arrival has been granted.

What is the latest date you can arrive?

All students requesting permission for a late arrival should be here in the United States no later than the 10th day of classes (January 31, 2022).

Are there any self-quarantine requirements for international travelers/out of state travelers? 

Travelers from out of state should continue to monitor the Connecticut COVID-19 Response Plan for up to date travel advisory information.

Students should consider any possible quarantine requirements when developing a plan with their instructors to satisfy any course assignments missed until they are able to arrive for in-person instruction. Please be aware that students who request a late arrival and participate in classes remotely but are ultimately unable to arrive to campus and withdraw from their courses will be subject to the university refund schedule. Questions may be directed to

What if you receive permission to arrive late and then your plans change? 

The student will need to submit a new request for permission to arrive late. Students who request a late arrival and participate in classes remotely but are ultimately unable to arrive on campus and withdraw from their courses will be subject to the university refund schedule. If a student is not confident they can arrive by January 31, 2022, they should strongly consider requesting a deferral or application withdrawal available in the Accounts & Forms area of their Application Status page (incoming students) or academic leave of absence (current students).

What information will the form ask for?

The form will ask for the student’s anticipated arrival date; information about the courses in which they are registered; and the arrangements they have made with instructors regarding a plan to satisfy any course assignments missed until they are able to arrive for in-person instruction. Requests are most likely to be approved when the student can provide evidence that the department supports the late arrival and that they have a plan for making up for the lost academic time.

Do Graduate Assistants need supervisor approval to request a late arrival? 

Yes, once the GA has submitted their late arrival request, the GA’s supervisor (as listed by the student on the request) will be contacted by The Graduate School.

Can a Graduate Assistant with an approved late arrival request start work remotely?

Graduate Assistants may not work remotely while they are outside the U.S. except in extraordinary circumstances and with specific permission from The Graduate School. The business days between the appointment start date of January 5, 2022 and the GA’s arrival date will be considered part of their contractually allotted time off (Article 33).