Transitioning to UConn

Information To Prepare You For Your Transition

Welcome to the University of Connecticut. We wish you the greatest success as you begin your new graduate career. With your admission to one of our degree programs, post baccalaureate or certificate programs you may register as a graduate student at the main (Storrs) campus and other locations. If you cannot begin your graduate career in your admitted term, contact your department and request a deferral.  If the department approves your deferral they should notify The Graduate School so we can keep your records in place and change your starting term.

UConn has implemented an on-line student registration system. If you are registering for courses on the Storrs campus, please follow the directions below. The programs conducted at locations other than Storrs (including the off-campus MBA programs and the Master of Social Work program) may have separate practices.  For students in online programs, contact the department for registration instructions.

For campus-based programs, you should plan to arrive in time for The Graduate School orientation. You may be required to arrive earlier if you hold a graduate assistantship or if you are an international student.   Some departments also require attendance at their own program-specific orientations.  Please be sure to follow up with your department/program, as well as the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office, for other orientation information.  In addition, before you arrive it would be helpful to contact your department or program to see if you should meet with your advisor before the semester begins.

Registration Instructions

Here are the steps to follow to register for courses on the Storrs campus:

1) Activate your NetID:  Your UConn NetID and Activation Code were emailed to you at the time of admission.  To find your NetID, you can go to or call the ITS Help Center at (860) 486-4357.  Once you activate your NetID and set the password, you will be able to log in to the Student Administration System at  If you need assistance with your NetID, please contact the ITS Help Center at (860) 486-4357 or by email at

2) Make sure you have completed your Health Form:  You will not be able to register for classes until you have completed your Student Health History Form (available at, which is mandatory, and should be completed and returned to Student Health Services at the address listed on the form. Students in Clinical Training Programs (Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Social Work and Allied Health Sciences) have advanced medical and immunization requirements that will be outlined in your Letter of Acceptance from your individual program. Distance Learners with all courses online or students participating in UCAPP do not need to meet the immunization requirements.  It is each student’s responsibility to notify Student Health Services on an annual basis if that is the case.  The University of Connecticut requires all incoming students, regardless of age, to complete a Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire (as found on the Mandatory Health History Form) to provide documentation of TB risk.  Although this is only a requirement for students at the Storrs campus who are not in a clinical training program, we strongly recommend completion by regional campus students as well.

3) Make sure you have completed your Not Anymore Training:  You will also not be able to register until you have completed the mandatory training on interpersonal violence, which is available upon matriculation at  Note that, after completion of the training, it may take several days for your account to be cleared for registration, so please be sure to complete this training well in advance of when you plan to register for classes.

4) Register for Classes:  Once your health form has been received and your violence training has been completed and processed, you should be able to register for your classes through the Student Administration System (, which also included the most up-to-date Schedule of Classes (both graduate and undergraduate).  Please consult your program and/or advisor for assistance in choosing your classes for the coming term.

5) If the Student Administration System prevents you from registering, it typically means there is some hold on your account that must be cleared before you will be able to register.  For information about or to clear a financial service hold, call the Bursar’s Office at (860) 486-4700.  If you are having other difficulties, call the Graduate School at (860) 486-3617 or email us at  All offices are open between 8 am and 5 pm  Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

Important Payment Information:  Students will receive notification from the Bursar’s Office by email once fees and tuition have been billed.  Bills are generated soon after registration (July-August for the fall semester and December-January for the spring semester) and can be viewed through the Student Administration System at  Bills must be paid by the first day of the semester.  Failure to make payment on time will result in a late fee and a hold on your account that will prevent you from registering and receiving other services.  For information about how to pay your bill, visit

Other Important Items

 Housing:  Housing information for newly admitted students can be found at (for on-campus housing) and (for off-campus housing).

Email:  University email is sent to your official UConn email address.  We encourage you to use this account.  If you do not plan to use the campus email service, it is very important that you forward your University email to your active personal email address.  To do this, go to, click on the Student box, and follow the directions given.

Mailing Address Updates:  To update your mailing address, log in to the Student Administration website  ( and navigate to SA Self-service, Student Center, Personal Information, Addresses, and make the necessary changes there.

ID Pictures:  Pictures for your UConn ID (One Card) are taken in the One Card Office, Wilbur Cross Building, 2nd Floor.  You can apply for an ID the month that your program begins (i.e. August for Fall and January for Spring).  You must present a driver’s license or another picture ID to get your photo taken.  Also, it might be helpful to bring your official letter of admission from the Graduate School.  The hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Parking Permits:   Parking permits can be obtained from the Parking and Transportation Services Office, which is located in the Central Warehouse Building (WARE on the University map).  Information about student parking is available at  Be aware that parking regulations are strictly enforced year-round.

Information about Courses, Program, Policies/Procedures, etc.

In accepting admission, you assume responsibility for knowing and complying with the University regulations and procedures.  The Graduate School Catalog contains information about regulations and procedures, programs and course descriptions, and the calendar of The Graduate School.  It is available electronically at  Similarly the Undergraduate Catalog describes advance undergraduate courses that sometimes can be applied toward a graduate degree.  It is available electronically at  The Graduate School’s website is also an essential resource for information for current students.  Please familiarize yourself with our website: