As many of you are aware, The Graduate School has moved its announcement system from ListServ (GRADS_ANNOUNCEMENTS-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU) to a new digest-like Soapbox platform. This platform will allow for a more streamlined way to share announcements with other graduate students.  This is to help decrease the number of emails you receive each day in addition to being a more efficient and intuitive announcement system.


Here is a brief overview of how to use Soapbox:

From the landing page on click “Submit Announcement,” choose “Announcements for UConn Graduate Students,” and select which issue or date you would like your announcement to published. It will ask for you to sign in with your NetID and password to officially log in. It is important to note that all submissions must be placed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the issue’s publication. After you have selected an issue, fill out the necessary information for your submission. All submissions must have a title and either a link to another page or a description for the announcement. A name and contact must also be supplied. Once complete, you can preview the announcement and determine whether or not to submit the article or go back and make edits. If the announcement is approved, it will be placed into a category of the Digest. As Soapbox is tied to your NetID, you can always delete or make edits to an announcement, but it will need to be resubmitted and approved each time.