Late Arrival

Students enrolled in on-campus programs for Spring 2022 are expected to arrive by the start date of the semester (January 18th), however due to the current pandemic, students may request an exception to this policy.

  • The form for incoming students with a Spring 2022 admit term is available in the Accounts & Forms area of their Application Status page.
  • The form for current students continuing their program in Spring 2022 is available below.

Requests for late arrival are currently being received for Spring 2022 only.

First day of Spring 2022 semester Tuesday, January 18, 2022
10th day of Spring 2022 semester Monday, January 31, 2022

Requesting Permission for Late Arrival

Submission of this form requests permission from The Graduate School for you to arrive to campus late. Late arrival requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed. Requests are most likely to be approved when you can provide evidence that your department supports the late arrival and that you have a plan for making up for the lost time.

We advise that you do not finalize any travel arrangements until you have received confirmation from The Graduate School that permission for a late arrival has been granted.

You should only request a late arrival if you are confident you will be able to arrive to campus by the tenth day of the semester. If you are not confident you will be able to arrive to campus by the tenth day of the semester, you should strongly consider deferring admission (if you are an incoming student) or requesting an academic leave of absence (if you are a current student).

Academic Arrangements

In order to be approved for a late arrival, you must have made arrangements with your professors to satisfy any course assignments missed until you are able to arrive for in-person instruction.

Travelers from out of state should continue to monitor the Connecticut COVID-19 Response Plan for up to date travel advisory information, as well as the Student Health and Wellness COVID-19 response plan.

Please be aware that students who request a late arrival and participate in classes remotely, but are ultimately unable to arrive to campus and withdraw from their courses will be responsible for a portion of the tuition associated with those courses according to the university refund schedule. Detailed information about the refund schedule can be found here and questions may be directed to

Graduate Assistants

Graduate students who have been appointed as Graduate Assistants and arrive after their appointment start date are not authorized to begin their Graduate Assistant duties until they have arrived in the United States and may be required to use contractually allotted time off for the business days between the start date listed in their offer letter and their on-campus arrival date.

Term Deferral

Incoming students who decide to request a deferral may not have participated in any classes. Students who participate in classes must request an academic leave of absence and will be subject to the university refund schedule. The decision to enroll in a zero-credit continuous registration course must be made prior to the first day of the semester.

All international students on F/J visas who are admitted for Spring 2022 should submit a Spring 2022 study plan to ISSS. This includes students who plan to arrive for the Spring 2022 semester, as well as students who will defer admission to a later term. Please visit the Internaional Student and Scholar Services page for additional information.

Request Permission for Late Arrival

Approval of a late arrival for Spring 2022 is not possible at this point in the semester. Please contact with questions about your enrollment options for or with any Admissions questions.