National Mentoring Month

Mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral scholars is among the most important duties of any faculty member, and it is especially important for members of the graduate faculty. The Graduate School invites you to use the resources provided below and to join us in celebrating National Mentoring Month.

The Graduate School provides links to a variety of resources on advising and mentoring on this website. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences provides many important resources on the Science of Effective Mentoring in STEMM. These resources are focused on mentoring graduate students in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine disciplines, but many of the principles should also apply to the arts, humanities, and social sciences. You may also find the curricula offered through the Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) useful. The curricula are customized for many different disciplines. Free registration allows you  to download the curricula.

Mentoring Resources from the National Academy of Sciences

The Science of Effective Mentorship in STEMM - Online Guide

This online guide contains resources, mentoring tools, information about the value of effective mentorship, and more.

Science of Mentorship Podcast

If you are a mentor, a mentee, or have a role in STEMM mentorship, this podcast is for you. In season 1, leaders in STEMM shared their personal mentorship stories. Season 2 features the perspectives of students and postdocs.

Science of Effective Mentorship in STEMM - Full Report

This 2019 consensus study report examines mentoring programs and practices at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It explores the importance of mentorship, the sciences of mentoring relationships, mentorship of underrepresented students in STEMM, mentorship structures and behaviors, and institutional cultures that support mentorship.

Science of Effective Mentorship in STEMM - 4-page Summary

This 4-page summary provides highlights of the 2019 consensus study report.

Landscape of Assessments of Mentoring Relationship Processes in Postsecondary STEMM Contexts (Paul R. Hernandez)

This commissioned paper for the 2019 consensus study is a synthesis of the validation evidence on assessments of mentorship relationship processes in post-secondary science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical (STEMM) contexts.

Mentoring Underrepresented Students in STEMM: A Survey and Discussion (Ebony McGee)

This commissioned paper for the 2019 consensus study outlines the promising mentoring practices for underrepresented and marginalized students in the STEMM disciplines.

Mentoring Beyond Hierarchies: Multi-Mentor Systems and Models (Beronda L. Montgomery and Stephani C. Page)

This commissioned paper for the 2019 consensus study examines different models of effective mentoring for promoting access and success.

Effective Mentoring in STEMM: Practice, Research, and Future Directions: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief

This is proceedings a workshop -in-brief of hosted in 2017, during which educators, scientists, engineers, industry leaders, and scholars from a wide range of career stages focused on identifying successful practices and metrics for mentoring students in STEMM career pathways.