Guidelines for Alumni Data Use

Various national ranking surveys and government agencies (e.g., the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health) require the Graduate School to provide information on the career successes of our graduates, that is, what professional positions our graduates hold during their careers. We use the information you provide to us about your current and future employment for this purpose. This information will remain confidential in all other respects. It will be used only for the development and improvement of academic programs.

We will not supply your name to those agencies doing rankings of graduate programs but we may have to provide your name to funding agencies when we list the positions held by our graduates. You will not be contacted by the federal agencies, nor will we ever provide them with your address or e-mail. No information in your individual student academic record is ever provided to any external agency. Your FERPA rights will be guaranteed and honored. If you have any questions or concerns on the use of this information, please contact the Graduate School (e-mail: