Executive Committee Members 2023-2024

Members Year Elected or Appointed Term Ends
Mary Anne Amalaradjou

Associate Professor of Animal Science

Elected 2021 June 2024
Marina Astitha

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Elected 2023 June 2026
Kristin Bott

Professor of Nursing

Elected 2021 December 2023
David Embrick

Associate Professor of Sociology

Elected 2022 June 2025
Mitchell Green

Professor of Philosophy

Elected 2022 June 2025
Charles Mahoney

Professor of English

Elected 2021 June 2024
Etan Markus

Professor of Psychology

Elected 2023 June 2026
Betsy McCoach

Professor of Educational Psychology

Appointed 2022 June 2025
Royce Mohan

Professor of Neuroscience

Appointed 2023 June 2026
Rosa Raudales

Associate Professor of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Elected 2022 December 2023
Judith Thorpe

Professor of Photography

Appointed 2021 June 2024
Kent Holsinger, Chair

Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of The Graduate School

Ex Officio
Barbara E. Kream

Associate Dean of the Graduate School (Health Center)

Ex Officio
Mary Bernstein

Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Ex Officio