Graduate Student Data and Reporting

The University provides faculty and staff access to several online databases and the information compiled can assist departments in successfully tracking and managing their current students’ progress as well as accessing historical data about their program and graduates. Please keep FERPA guidelines in mind when accessing or using information about your grads. 

Office of the Registrar: Student Data Reports 

  • The Office of the Registrar is the best resource for current student data, however the reports provided go back to Fall 2012. 
  • The Student Data Reports provided by the Office of the Registrar include the Current Students Report (refreshed nightly), Graduate Graduation Reports, and the Day 10 and End of Term Censuses. 
  • Some of the fields included on these reports are: academic career, level, plan, program, and sub plan, advisor name and ID, admit term, campus, expected graduation term, FERPA code, graduation checkout status, home mail address, phone number, student email address, student name and ID.
  • Special Data Requests: The Office of the Registrar can also provide custom reports upon request. 
  • Request access here.  

Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE

  • OIRE is the best resource for historical data. 
  • Information maintained in Huskydata is shared with the federal government by the 10th day of each term, but it is also accessible to anyone with an active UConn NetID. 
  • Information included: enrollments, progress measures, faculty productivity, applications, admissions, graduation, alumni data. 
  • Access HuskyData here.  

Information Technology Services (ITS): WebFOCUS

  • Logging into WebFOCUS provides faculty and staff with access to the Student Administration Data Mart (SADM) and the Kuali Financial Datamart (KFDM). The Student Administration Data Mart (SADM) is used for reporting purposes and is refreshed nightly with data recorded in PeopleSoft. The Graduate School maintains a catalog of standard reports on enrollment, admissions status, and degrees awarded, which may be run by individuals as needed. 
  • Current reports generated and available to faculty/staff:
    • Grad_Applied_To_Graduate_Public
    • Grad_Completed_Program_Public
    • Grad_Enroll_By_Student_Public
    • Grad_Milestones_With_In_Progress_Credits_Public
    • Grads_on_LOA_All_Public
  • Request access

Grad Slate CRM System 

The Graduate School’s online application and CRM system collects data throughout the recruitment and admissions cycle. At several points during the admissions process including and after application submission, much of this data is imported into Student Administration/PeopleSoft/SIS as the system of record and for official reporting.

 The GradSlate system also provides resources for pulling applicant and inquiry data. Queries are available for extracting a list of records by status, and the Reports show aggregate data. You may want to use Queries and Reports for: tracking trends; taking action on active applications; gathering prospect and inquiry data; gathering data on unsubmitted applications; and gathering data collected during the application process and which does not exist in Peoplesoft.

The Graduate School provides a number of regularly scheduled reports helpful for managing graduate student enrollment (e.g., registration, milestones, VDIS status) and Graduate Assistants (e.g., stipend level and hire eligibility, level increases), which are delivered via email. To sign up for the listserv, please reach out to

Student Admin is the data repository and system of record for student information, including those enrolled in graduate programs. Modules within Student Admin record students’ academic, financial, and personal information. There are instructor and advisor guides, as well as administrative guides, available. Administrative access to Student Admin must be requested.