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Internal Fellowships Awards Process 2019-2020

The Graduate School is pleased to announce its internal fellowship competition for the 2019-2020 academic year. All applications submitted by February 1st 2019 will be given full consideration.

The Jorgensen Fellowship (JF) and the Harriott Fellowship (HF) are available to outstanding young scholars who have been admitted to doctoral programs at the University of Connecticut. The Crandall Fellowship (CF) is available to outstanding young scholars who have been admitted to master’s programs at the University. These fellowships are intended to recruit and support the most promising students entering graduate programs at the University of Connecticut. Recipients of these fellowships will represent the very best applicants to graduate programs at the University. In addition, to be eligible for either the HF or CF fellowship, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity in higher education and/or a commitment to enhancing diversity in their field of study.

Award Criteria

Recipients of these fellowships will be the most academically promising members of the entering class of graduate students at the University of Connecticut. The criteria used to select recipients include the following:

  • Evidence of scholarly or creative achievement highlighted by the department or program in their nomination and evidence that the department or program provides the environment necessary for success in the areas of interest highlighted by the applicant.
  • Evidence of any prior scholarly or creative achievement by the nominee, e.g., publications, presentations, exhibits, performances.
  • Evidence that the nominee has been successful at previous academic institutions, e.g., letters of recommendation.
  • Quantitative evidence of academic accomplishment, e.g., undergraduate grade point average, GRE/GMAT (when available).

Additional information regarding diversity commitment for HF and CF awards

Nominees for HF and CF awards are expected to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity either within their field of study or more generally in all areas of higher education.

Students can demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity in higher education through participation in organizations or activities that (a) directly relate to increasing access to higher education and retention in higher education of individuals, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, cultural background, religion, or beliefs or (b) that help to ensure that individuals are welcomed and included in higher education environments regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, cultural background, religion, or beliefs. Such organization and activities might include participation/affiliation with TRIO programs, cultural/affinity organizations/centers, volunteer experiences, and college or university committees focused on these goals. Students provide evidence of this commitment through research and educational experience reflected on their CV/resume (articles, presentations, internship, and research experience), in their personal statement, or in letters of recommendations.

Nomination Procedures for the JF/HF and CF Awards

As of Fall 2018, Graduate Admissions are coordinating all applications through the application SLATE. As part of their application, graduate students will select whether they wish to be considered for JH, HF, and/or CF awards. Departments will then be able to see those applicants, select the ones they wish to nominate, and then fill in the required supporting documentation. If you nominate more than one student (a maximum of four is allowed in each category), you will need to rank the nominees. All supporting documentation will be provided through the SLATE application.

Four Stages of Fellowship Awarding

All Interested Applicants

Students select that they wish to be considered for this award when they apply via SLATE.

  • For more information on Fellowship Package Components, click here.

All Department Nominees

  • Departments run own internal selection process.
  • Departments nominate up to four candidates per fellowship by Feb 1st 2019 for full consideration.
    • Nomination and Submission is done via SLATE.
    • Submission requires answering several fellowship-specific questions as to why the candidate should be considered:
      • “Explain how this student’s research, publications, work experience, and academic trajectory places them among the top applicants to UConn.”
      • “Explain how the applicant fits into your program, including potential faculty mentors, and what resources are available to support the applicant’s success in your department.”
      • For HR and CR Fellowships: “Provide examples on how you department is committed to diversity and inclusion (this could be through people, programming, and/or services).”
    • Submission will also require ranking the candidates.
    • In rare cases that department may wish to have a candidate considered for the fellowship who has NOT selected that they wished to be considered, the department should forward the name of the candidate to who will then contact the applicant to get the required documents/agreement.
  • For more information on how Departments nominate applicants, click here.

Final Candidates

  • Each Fellowship Selection Committee, led by The Graduate School, determines a smaller pool of final candidates from all the nominations across departments.
  • Departments may receive one award per fellowship (potentially three across all fellowships); on rare occasions, a department may receive more than one award per fellowship.
  • Departments who have one or more candidates in the final pool will have the highest-ranked candidate (chosen by department in the nomination stage) offered a fellowship.
  • For more information on the selection process, click here.

Awarded Fellows

  • The Graduate School will send out the award letter to the highest-ranked candidate.
  • If they decline, The Graduate School will send out an award letter to the next highest-ranked candidate until a candidate accepts or there are no candidates remaining for that department.