Doctoral Student Travel Award

Doctoral Student Travel (DST) Funding Guidelines

The Graduate School’s Doctoral Student Travel (DST) funds are available to support doctoral students’ travel to domestic or international professional societies directly associated with a doctoral student’s research.

There are two (2) DST competitions during an academic year:

  1. Fall travel is from July 1 and December 31.  
  2. Spring travel is from January 1 and June 30.

Since these funds are limited, and awards are not guaranteed, doctoral students are encouraged to request funding as soon as they know they will attend a conference or professional workshop.  

Please note:  Students may receive funds one time only during their academic career.

DST Purpose:

DST funds are specifically to support travel for doctoral students who are “actively participating” in domestic or international meetings of professional societies.

Funding Categories/Active Participation:

In conjunction with a conference, symposia, seminar, colloquia or workshop (this category is in support of and not attendance to), the student must:

  • Present a research paper or poster session; or
  • Be a chairman of a research session; or
  • Participate in the role of the discussant (for full presentation papers) on a symposium panel; or
  • Participate in a gallery opening, solo, choral, orchestral, musical, and dance performances.

DST Eligibility:

To be eligible for the funding, an applicant must:

  • Certify that he/she has received travel approval by his/her program of study as indicated by their signatures on the form
  • Certify that he/she is a doctoral student
  • Certify that he/she has successfully completed at least 30 credits towards his/her degree program (a minimum of 15 credits have to be on the Doctoral Plan of Study)
  • Certify that funds will be used only for travel to meetings for which he/she is presenting his/her research
  • Certify that he/she has not received a prior DST award (in any amount).

DST Award Amounts:

  • Fiscal Year Allocation (July 1 – June 30) provides financial support of up to $750 for doctoral students across all disciplines, on a competitive basis.
  • Qualifying award amounts for “active participation” will first be drawn on DST funds and any qualifying amounts exceeding the maximum amount of $750 will then be the responsibility of the student.
  • Any unused funds will not be available for future use.
  • Funds awarded and not expended will be returned to the DST pool unless an extension is granted. Requests for extensions must be made in writing.

DST Application Submission:

  • You may submit your application by either taking it to The Graduate School on the 2nd floor of the Whetten Graduate Center or by e-mailing it to  You will NOT be notified of its receipt.

DST Important Information:

    • Funds are subject to the same campus-wide travel rules that are applied to faculty and staff;
    • Funds for travel must be utilized during the requested fiscal period (July 1 to December 31; January 1 to June 30) in order to facilitate timely processing;
  • Request for reimbursement of expenses must be submitted within six (6) weeks of completion of the travel;
  • Approvals related to travel must be sought and granted BEFORE any travel commences and will NOT be granted retroactively under any circumstances;
  • Travel awards are for reimbursement purposes only. They are not designed to be used for making travel arrangements;
  • Applications for retroactive trips will not be processed. There are no exceptions.
  • To make adjustments to the award letter prior to travel, forward the original award letter to The Graduate School noting changes to be made.
  • Students based at UConn Health are not eligible for this award.

To access the application:

Apply for DST