The Graduate School is very happy to welcome our veterans and active service personnel, and their families to UConn. The decision to continue your education beyond the bachelor level is a serious one, and we are committed to supporting you as you strive to achieve your academic and personal goals.

The graduate student community at UConn is diverse and welcoming and we hope you’ll fit right in.  We host some of the world’s most renown faculty researchers and teachers and some of the most engaged student scholars in the country. Like members of our military, our community of scholars strives to gain a higher understanding and knowledge to positively impact the future. Successful scholars here are often described with words like; dedicated, committed, inquisitive, open to ideas, collaborative, self-starters, smart, and culturally competent – many of the same words we use to describe our talented military personnel.  

The first stop for many of you will be to learn more about what services and supports are offered especially to our military personnel. For more information on that, please visit the Office of the Provost Veteran Affairs and Military Programs web site. When you get a chance check out the student resources pages and pages for family resources if that applies.

Welcome to UConn, we look forward to seeing you on campus.