Domestic Checklist

All newly admitted students for Spring 2019 must accept admission by December 21st, 2018. All newly admitted students for Fall 2019 must accept admission by July 26th, 2019.

  • Verify the deadlines for applying to your intended program by checking the program’s web site. Deadlines vary by department so contact the program directly. You can find a program’s contact information on the Degree Programs page.
  • Complete and submit your online application.You will be asked to provide a valid credit card for a non-refundable payment of the application fee ($75.00)
  • Compile the following documents, along with any other materials required by your program.
    1. Transcripts
      • Upload transcripts from the school where you received your bachelor’s degree and any courses taken beyond regardless of whether a degree was received.
      • Failure to upload transcripts from all educational institutions, regardless of whether or not a degree was received, may be grounds for cancellation of admission.
      • Official transcripts become the property of the University.
      • The most common reason for delayed consideration of applications is failure to upload all required transcripts. Please be sure to include all of your transcripts with your application.
      • If you attended an international university and have one set of original documents or diploma, you can mail them to The Graduate School and we will make a copy and return the original document(s) to you. Please attach an International Transcripts Cover Sheet with your submission. If you submitted these documents when applying for admission to a university in the US which you currently attend, we will accept copies from the registrar or graduate school if they certify that these documents from your prior university were made from the originals.
      • Your admission will not be finalized until all official transcripts, mark sheets, degree certificates or diplomas are received by The Graduate School.
      • Please note: All official transcripts will be required at the time an offer of admission is given. Scanned, faxed or notarized copies will not be considered as official.
    2. Personal Statement of Purpose
      • This document should tell your program’s admissions committee everything you would like to discuss in a personal interview.
      • You should include your reasons for undertaking graduate work, your ultimate plans, and how you happened to select your desired field. Details about your preparation, your strengths and weaknesses as a student, any academic honors, scholarships, or fellowships you have received, will all be helpful.
      • You should consult any website(s) maintained by the graduate program to which you applying; these often list additional components that are of particular interest to that program (i.e. your choice of graduate advisor and a rationale for it).
      • The committee wants to know information about you that cannot be expressed quantitatively.
    3. In-state Tuition
      • All domestic and permanent resident applicants must complete the Residence Affidavit for in-state tuition status. Without this document you cannot qualify for in-state tuition rates and will be billed as an out-of-state student. If you are not a Connecticut resident please check the appropriate box and upload. Students participating in online graduate certificates are not required to complete the Residence Affidavit form.
    4. Additional Responsibilities
      • Check with your intended program for any additional required materials and upload them as well.
      • You should request that your standardized test scores be submitted to UConn if your program requires them.
      • Please note GRE scores will only be accepted when sent electronically through ETS. Use the codes listed below:
        • The GRE code for UConn Storrs is 3915.
        • The GRE code for the UConn Health Center is 3931.

More information on the GRE is available from the Educational Testing Service. Information on the GMAT (Business) is available from the Graduate Management Admission Council.

Congratulations, you are ready to apply!