Revised Graduate School By-Laws Approved

The Graduate Faculty Council has recently approved revisions to the By-laws of The Graduate School.  The newly revised by-laws can be viewed here. Major changes include:

  • New Pass/Fail Option for graduate students
  • New rules regarding the resignation of major advisors and the role of the department in identifying a new advisor
  • Clarification on the minimum GPA requirement for admission
  • Limit on transfer credits for a “masters-along-the-way”
  • More specific language regarding faculty advisors who retire or leave the University continuing to serve as major advisor

The 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog is now available. The new catalog includes the updates approved by the Graduate Faculty Council last year. As a reminder, all changes to program requirements and other language in the graduate catalog must be processed through the GPAR system. Proposed changes need to be submitted well before the Registrar’s deadline (March 1, 2023) to allow sufficient time for needed approvals. The GPAR webpage provides detailed information about the system, when a GPAR is needed, and what information will be required for the request.

For a more detailed summary and any questions regarding the new by-laws or GPAR, contact Professor Mary Bernstein, Associate Dean of The Graduate School, at