The Graduate School Annual Report 2021-2022


Every year the Provost’s Office asks us to submit an annual report of activities and accomplishments. You will find this year’s report on our website. View the report by downloading the PDF. Last year’s report identified three priorities:

  • Improving graduate student advising
  • Analyzing policies for racially disparate outcomes
  • Building our capacity to support minoritized graduate students

Although we have much work left to do on each of these priorities, I am pleased that we made some progress on all of them in addition to a variety of activities that advance our strategic plan. In addition to the usual graphs and tables on applications, enrollment, and degree conferral. This year’s report also includes preliminary results from a survey conducted in Spring 2022 to gauge the quality of graduate student experiences at UConn.

If you have any questions about the report, please let me know.

Kent Holsinger