Fall 2024 Fellows and Trainees – Register by July 1

If you have been awarded a prestigious external fellowship, a traineeship on an institutional training grant, or one of The Graduate School’s Jorgensen, Harriott, or Crandall fellowships for the upcoming academic year (as determined by UConn’s Policy on Competitive Federal Graduate Fellowship Awards and Policy on Non-Federal Graduate Fellowship Awards), we strongly recommend that you register for the fall semester no later than July 1 so that your first stipend disbursement can be issued on time. External prestigious fellows and trainees are required to be registered for the stipend to be disbursed. Full-time enrollment for a graduate student is nine credits unless you have also been appointed as a GA for the semester, in which case, full-time enrollment is six credits.

Registration by July 1 is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Timely disbursement of the first stipend payment
  • Allows time for your fee bill to be properly paid and deferred before the start of classes so holds are not placed on your account due to an unpaid fee bill.
  • Ensures you are offered the opportunity to enroll in the CT Partnership Plan health insurance, and if applicable, that the Student Health Insurance Plan is removed from your fee bill
  • Allows access to Area 2 parking

You are free to continue adjusting your schedule through the end of the add/drop period (the tenth day of the semester), but we recommend adding your new courses before dropping any to maintain consistent full-time enrollment after the semester has begun. If you will have enrollment for the semester that is below nine credits, please notify your department admin so payment made toward your fee bill can be adjusted.

More information about registration for graduate students can be found in The Graduate School’s Fall 2024 Registration Information for Graduate Students message. Please reach out to grad@uconn.edu with any questions.