Domestic FAQs

All newly admitted students for Spring 2019 must accept admission by December 21st, 2018. All newly admitted students for Fall 2019 must accept admission by July 26th, 2019.

When can I expect a decision regarding  my application?

Your application is available to the department at the time of submission. To find out when your application will be reviewed, contact the department to which you are applying.

Is there a deadline to apply?

The Graduate School recommends that students apply a minimum of 2 months before the first day of the semester. Please check with the program to which you are applying, to see if they have an earlier deadline.

Are GRE scores required?

GRE scores are not a requirement of The Graduate School, but they could be a requirement for the program you are applying to. Please check with your department.

  • You should request that your standardized test scores be submitted to UConn if your program requires them.
  • Please note GRE scores will only be accepted when sent electronically through ETS. Use the codes listed below:
    • The GRE code for UConn Storrs is 3915.
    • The GRE code for the UConn Health Center is 3931.

Are letters of recommendation required?

Letters of recommendation are not a requirement of The Graduate School, but they could be a requirement for the program you are applying to.  Some programs may not accept paper copies of letters, and require your recommenders to submit their materials online to your application. Please check with your department.

My school code is not listed, what do I do?

Please double check that you have spelled your school name correctly. If you still cannot find the school, try entering less information into the search box. If you still cannot find the code- please e-mail with the full name of the school and the complete mailing address.

How do I apply to more than one program?

Applicants who wish to apply to more than one program are required to create a separate account for each online application to be submitted. Each separate account must be created using a distinct email address.

The application says my document is too large to upload, what do I do?

Please use the following website to shrink the document, and upload the document again:

If the document is still too large to upload, send a support request to

What are the housing options at your University if I attend?

The University is in the midst of an extraordinary period of growth and graduate housing is limited. Priority is given to newly admitted international graduate students. Housing applications must be submitted by July 1st to be considered. Single graduate student housing is offered in Northwood Apartments where two students share a two bedroom apartment which has a kitchen, small dining area, a living room, and a bathroom. The University does not have family housing available for students.  Please review your assistantship stipend, on-campus housing rates and other appropriate finances in making your decision to live on-campus.  When you make your final decision to live on campus, please be aware of the cancellation policy as outlined in the housing contract.  At the time that housing is accepted, you are responsible for payment for both semesters and the cancellation fee is 100% of those rates.


Off-Campus Student Services serves as an advocate and centralized resource for students commuting or living off-campus. If you have questions about communing, moving off-campus or relocating to the area please contact their office or check out the Off-Campus Student Services Housing Database at

The database offers available rental listings for Storrs, Mansfield and other surrounding communities.  The site also provides information related to roommate matching, carpooling and more. Please visit the Off-Campus Student Services website at to guide and assist you through all of your off-campus housing needs.

Off-Campus Student Services will also provide individual programming and consultation for graduate students residing on campus as they seek to transition off-campus.  The consolation and programming will focus on helping students identify a location for their rental, budgeting for off-campus living, amenities and transportation.  Times, dates and locations of these programs will be emailed to all on-campus graduate students.

Off-Campus Student Services developed a webinar for students seeking to relocate to the Storrs area:

The webinar has potential to be offered as live session or prerecorded that will run on our website.  Participants will gain a better understanding of the following:

  • How to Search for Off-Campus Housing
  • Off-Campus Student Resource Guide:
  • Commuter Appreciation Programs
  • Transportation Options
  • Reading and Understanding the legalities of a Lease
  • Resources available specifically for graduate, international and undergraduate students (as each webinar may differ)
  • Understanding the geographical locations of rentals surrounding UConn
  • Being a positive member of the Mansfield/UConn Community
  • Budgeting