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Internal Funding Opportunities

Graduate students may receive financial support for their study from many different sources, and we encourage both prospective and current graduate students to explore all the different options to identify those that best suit their needs. We also recommend that all graduate students consult with their advisors and with faculty and staff in their graduate programs because they are the most likely to know about degree- or discipline-specific sources of support.

Awards & Fellowships

Harriott, Crandall, and Jorgensen Fellowships
Doctoral Student Travel Award
Semi-Annual Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

If you have any further questions about these awards please contact the appropriate staff member HERE.

Graduate Assistantships

An assistantship is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching (teaching assistantship: TA) or research (research assistantship: RA) support to the University that is a part of his/her academic program. In recognition of this support, the tuition and a portion of health care (but not fees) are provided by the grant/contract funding agency or through the University.

Please visit our dedicated GA Resources page for more information.

Graduate Student Short-Term Loan Fund

Short-Term Loans through the Graduate Student Senate

This fund is administered by the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), and is funded by graduate student activities fees. It provides loans to assist graduate students dealing with financial emergencies. Loans are issued for 60-day periods and are interest free. Applications are available in the Graduate Student Senate Office, Student Union Room 213 and on the GSS Web site.

Short Term Emergency Loans (STELF)

The Dean of Students Office has an emergency loan fund available to degree students during the months of the year when they are in classes at the University. The fund is intended to help students in financial emergencies such as transportation cost home when there is an illness or other family emergency, car repairs, living expenses, school supplies, etc. Find out more and contact the Dean of Students Office for further information at

Graduate Financial Aid

For information on Graduate student loans available to domestic and US permanent residents, please visit UConn’s Office of Student Financial Aid.